Ganesh Hand Painted Glass, Silver Pendants, Designer Quality Jewelry Supplies
Ganesh Hand Painted Glass, Intentional Jewelry Making
Saraswati Hand Painted Glass & Silver
Durga Hand Painted Glass & Silver
Buddha Hand Painted Glass & Silver
Craft Pendants Hand Crafted by Artisans
Craft Pendants Hand Crafted by Artisans
Ganesh Hand Painted Glass, Intentional Jewelry Making
Ganesh Hand Painted Glass, Intentional Jewelry Making

Ganesh Hand Painted Glass, Silver Pendants, Designer Quality

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Detail & Features

This style of pendant comes from Rajasthan in North India. These pendants have always enchanted me. There's something quite magical and alluring about the scene that's captured below the glass. I feel like I want to jump inside, like Mary Poppins jumping through the painting on the sidewalk.

Please choose your pendant from photo #5, using the drop down menu. They measure approximately 1.75" in diameter, and is amazingly lightweight for its size. Top loop, for stringing, measures approx. 4mm.

These pendants are so intricately handpainted onto paper, and encased in a piece of glass on the front, and floral patterned Sterling Silver on the back.

A bit more about the different dieties depicted in these pendants:

Ganesh (pendants C, E, F, G) is the elephant-headed Hindu God and the remover of obstacles. He is much revered in Indian culture. These beautiful Ganesh pendants feature sparkling "jewels" adorning his crown, and the details in the painting truly make this a work of art.

Saraswati (pendant A) is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and nature. Shown with four hands, that symbolically mirror her husband Brahma's four heads, representing manas (mind), buddhi (reason), citta (state of mind), and ahamkāra (ego). He represents the abstract while she represents action and reality.

Durga (pendant B) is the warrior goddess, who combats evil and demonic forces that disrupt peace and prosperity. She is depicted riding a tiger (or lion) as a symbol of her fierce power.

Buddha (pendant D) was a monk, mendicant, sage, philosopher and teacher. He was an ordinary person, named Siddhartha Gautama, whose profound insights inspired the world. Buddhism was founded based on his teachings.

I direct-import all of the items that I sell. My husband and I travel to India and hand-select all of our goods, directly at the source. It brings me great joy to share my findings with you here!

A portion of all WSW sales will be donated to The Compassion Collective, which works to feed, clothe, shelter, and save our refugee and homeless sisters, brothers, and children in the US and worldwide.

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