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Do you love the enameled tile bead bracelets stacked on wrists everywhere? You can DIY your own layered arm candy with our colorblock beads! 

Create an arm full of fun and be fashionably on-trend while DIY-ing your own stacking bracelets! This honeycomb shape stacks together beautifully to create that trendy layered look.

We recommend using 2 elastic cord needles (not included) to string these bracelets 7- 7.25" long on elastic thread (included with your order).

You'll need:
40 small chevron beads (8 sets) per bracelet.
20 large chevron beads (4 sets) per bracelet.
You can also use 4-8 sets of a combination of small and large chevrons to make a bracelet like the second one pictured.

Two small chevron = one large chevron bead.

Small Chevrons
Size: 6x8mm
Quantity per Listing: 5
Number of Holes: 2
Hole Size: 1+mm
Color: Choose from Brick Red, Brown-Red, Lemon Cream, Gold, Navy, Pastel Pink, Peach, Bright Red, Berry, Black 

Large Chevrons
Size: 11x8mm
Quantity per Listing: 5
Number of Holes: 2
Hole Size: 1+mm
Color: Choose from Purple, Mint, Sky Blue

We will be adding other shapes and styles of these beads so check back for more enamel bead options!

These beads are metal alloy (lead-free), coated with 4 layers of enamel. They are high quality and durable.

Looking for tools to help create your own designs? Click here for our DIY kits, with everything you need to get beading.

Bead Care
Enamel has a tendency to chip under the strains of everyday use. We believe that beaded jewelry is meant to be perfectly imperfect, just like its wearer! A little bit of chipped or scuffed character can add a lot of charm!

Tips to minimize wear and tear: 
Avoid wearing your enamel creations with lots of metal jewelry. You can mix it up with bone or vinyl beads for more interesting stacks!
Try not to bump into counters, tables, or other hard surfaces while wearing. 
These beads don’t float, so keep them away from pools, oceans, lakes & showers.