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This ribbon is one of those that my eyes can't quit. The repetition in the pattern, combined with the texture of the burlap lace, is just so rich and luxurious. This burlap trim is a new item coming from my source in India, and I was so excited to see this modern print combined with such a rustic material. A colorful pattern reminiscent of confetti in the brightest autumnal colors makes it way across this burlap lace. The edges are finished, with tiny fringe on each side.

I hand-select these fabulous trims from a huge storehouse in India. It is 7 floors of color and texture. I'm like a kid in a candy shop over these beauties- the colors are overwhelming! Traditionally used as Sari borders, but the adornment possibilities are endless! Tablecloth borders, pillowcase borders, jeans trim, belt, jacket trim.....get inspired and create!

3.25" wide.

This listing is for 1 Yard; if you order multiple yards, I will send you one long piece. This trim comes in 9-meter long spools. So the longest section I will have available is 9 meters long.

>>>What this means, for example: if you order 15 yards, it will come in 2 pieces: 9 yards + 6 yards. <<<<


**As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Unicef and Americares Nepali relief efforts.

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