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I have recently come across the most incredible selection of vintage African textiles. The colors are jaw-dropping. This beautiful piece of Aso Oke (pronounced ah-SHOW-kay) fabric is from the Yoruba people from south west Nigeria, made 30+ years ago. Intricately hand-loomed primarily by men, in the most beautiful colors, with intricate details.

Most Aso Oke is strip-cloth, meaning it is made of multiple strips sewn together. This piece is made of 10 strips of a beautiful & vibrant sky blue.

Fabric measures about 48" wide x 68" long.

This cloth is beautifully sturdy, while not too heavy; it is thickly woven and has great heft to it. It is stronger than the multi-colored Aso Oke fabrics that I have come across.

This fabric is the large section out of a set of traditional Yoruba clothing. Traditionally, it would be worn wrapped around the lower part of the body.

How about using it as a wall hanging, beach blanket, picnic blanket, table runner, fabric for upholstery, or as is. Pillows, a skirt, curtains, shirt, bag, the possibilities are endless.

This cloth is in good vintage condition. There are some slight dirt marks, but they could be cleaned. I have not made any attempts to wash or clean the textile. It is coming to me straight from Nigeria, untouched.

A portion of my proceeds will be donated to V-Day, a global activist organization dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.