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✨The Magic is in the Details✨ 
Approx. Bead Size: 8x17mm - 18x32mm
Approx. Hole Size: 1.5mm
Approx. Number of beads: 15
Colors: Aqua Blue, Turquoise, Seafoam Green

These beautifully aged and old strands of ancient Roman Glass shards came from Afghanistan. Hailing from the Northeast parts of Afghanistan, these are from the Bactrian Kingdom and were unearthed during archeological digs. Glass was last made in this area 900+ years ago.

These beads are beautiful shades of blue, and some have a beautiful iridescent shimmer.

This listing is for 1 strand of shards that are drilled on each end. The beads are graduated on the strand, and measure approximately 8x17mm at the end, up to about 18x32mm at the middle of the strand. 

These beads are old. They do show some dirt and minor chips on some of the edges, but this is part of their beauty, and attests to their age.

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