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These acrylic beads are perfectly sleek and modern. Their curved form lets them sit comfortable against the wrist, but also gives them the perfect contour for making a necklace.

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The Details
Bead Size: 12x35mm 
Quantity per Listing: 1 bead
Hole Size: 2mm
Colors: Tomato, Merlot, Magenta, Taffy, Watermelon Marble, Rose Marble, Coral, Stopping Traffic, Tangerine, Pumpkin Marble, Squash, Mango, Butterscotch, Chartreuse, Sour Apple Marble, Lime, Khaki Moss, Army Green, Shamrock, Matcha Marble, Olive Marble, Malachite Marble, Turquoise Marble, Wintergreen, Wintermint Marble, Mint, Teal Marble, Ocean, Sky Blue, Cobalt, Navy, Midnight Marble, Lavender Marble, Violet Marble, Orchid, Raspberry Marble, Clear, Ice Marble, Marble Swirl, Ivory, Marshmallow, Caramel Marble, Cafe Au Lait, Wheat, Mauve Marble, Brick Marble, Camel, Latte Marble, Tortoise Marble, Cola, Grey Marble, Black, Black Marble, Gold, Silver. 

String onto elastic to make a bracelet, or string onto our Lurex Necklace Cords for a modern necklace.
You need 6 beads to make a full bracelet.

Looking for other beads to help create your own designs? Click here for our DIY kits, for ideas, inspiration, and everything you need to get beading.

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