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These vintage sequins are such beautiful and earthy shade of light grey; appearing almost clear when you look at them one by one. Dainty and delicate vintage French sequins, they are somewhere between 60-100 years old, and were made up until World War II.

Bead Size: 4mm
Hole Size: .75+mm
Flat Faced with AB finish
Approximate Number of beads: 600
Strand Length: 8"
Color:Β Light Grey

Perfect for jewelry making or other creative endeavors. They have a flat surface, and are so shiny, they'll add the perfect amount of bling to your designs. These look great strung onto bracelets, earrings & other jewelry. Or, you could sew these dreamy cuties onto clothing, home decor & more! Let your imagination run wild with creativity.

Please don't let these get wet as they are made from Celluloid and could deteriorate in water.Β 


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