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These recycled glass beads are made in Ghana by the Krobo tribe using powdered recycled glass. They heat the glass powder and pour it into a mold, and shape the bead using a cassava leaf to swirl the glass around in the heated mold. The beads are then heated in an oven, where the glass fuses together, and the cassava leaf burns away. It's a fascinating technique that I have been lucky enough to witness. This is the same technique that has been used in Africa for centuries.

These have such a great earthy feel, and are a great shape for making jewelry. Individual beads measure 12-14mm. Their large 3mm hold makes them great for stringing on leather or other cords.

Bead Size: 12-14mm diameter
Strand Length: 24"
Approximate # of Beads: 50
Hole Size: 3mm
Color: Clear Frosted with Brown Swirls
Country of Origin: Ghana

These beads are strung in a loop on a raffia, the way they are traditionally strung in Africa. The strand is approximately 24" long, with 50 beads.

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