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These meditation necklace is strung from Rudraksha seeds. Hailing from India, Rudraksha seeds are traditionally used as prayer beads in Hinduism and Buddhism. They are the seeds of the Rudraksha tree, and legend has it that when Lord Shiva awoke from a long meditation, he shed a tear; from this tear grew the Rudraksha tree.

This is an authentic prayer bead necklace, complete with a guru bead and 108 beads; 108 is a significant number for various reasons, but it is believed that one must overcome 108 evils to become enlightened.

Bead Size: 10mm

Strand Length: Approximately 39"

Approximate # of Beads: 108

Hole Size: < 1mm

Tassel color: Red

Strung as a mala, these can be worn as is, or cut apart to make your own spiritual jewelry or mala.

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