Wood Beads Collection

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Historically, wooden beads have been used to represent potent spiritual symbols, as well as a number of other beliefs, and we respect any and all of the reasons which people may have for incorporating wooden beads into their crafts and works of art. The kinds of beads we offer at WomanShopsWorld are made from a variety of natural woods which come from all over the world, a few of which include olive, balsa, and sandalwood.

Regardless of the kind of need you have for wooden beads, we will have exactly what you're looking for. Whether you intend to use your wooden beads for simple arts and crafts, style and fashion, or even prayer and meditation, we are confident that you will find just what you're looking for among the many diverse and beautiful wood beads we offer. If you're new to the wonderful world of wood beads, we think you'll eventually become so fascinated with this process, that you will go on to create many more of your own fantastic pieces.

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Types of Wood Beads We Carry

We endeavor to keep in our inventory the widest possible variety of wooden beads from all around the globe, those being made from various types of wood. With this kind of variety, you'll certainly find what you need from our stock of diverse natural wooden beads and colored wooden beads. Our colored wooden beads are stained with rich hues, to provide powerful visual appeal for any kind of necklaces or bracelets you might be assembling.

The Berry Purple nature-dyed round olivewood beads we offer have a rich, deep purple coloration which can be coordinated with your chosen ensemble for the day very easily. Natural-colored sandalwood guru beads are specially shaped beads which are often used for specific purposes such as an accompaniment to prayer or meditation. 

We also offer some distinctively patterned wooden beads that have very identifiable symbology painted on them, such as our black-and-white beads which have been adorned with the international sign of peace. These can be used for a variety of purposes, to make a strong statement about your personal beliefs.

You might also want to choose our natural sandalwood beads which can be used in creating an aromatic bead Mala for use in your own intentions. We have some very distinctive symmetrically carved balsa wood beads with grooved exteriors, and an appealing tan brown color, which are ideal for bracelets, necklaces, and other crafts. 


Fun Crafts & Jewelry You can Make with Wood Beads

If you've just begun experimenting with wooden beads to create your own personal forms of jewelry and other crafts, you have undoubtedly already discovered how satisfying and how much fun can be derived from the practice. Some people also experience a kind of meditative state because of the focus which is required to assemble high quality arts and crafts.

Of course, there's also the practical side of the wood bead assembly hobby, since you will be able to coordinate your creations with your existing wardrobe, and complement specific garments beautifully. One of the great things about getting started with assembling wood beads is that you can always re-purpose them in the future, by assembling them into completely new pieces.

If you don't mind giving away one of your specially crafted works of art, they can be used as wonderful gifts for family and friends, and each lucky recipient will be aware of the time and effort you put into its construction, all on their behalf. There is literally an endless variety of ways that wooden beads can be incorporated into fantastic pieces of jewelry or other meaningful pieces which serve a specific purpose.

For instance, you may want to create a chakra bracelet for re-channeling your energy, and if you so choose, you can accompany the wooden beads with semi-precious stones to create a stunning result. Mantra bracelets are also created from wooden beads so they can be used in meditation, prayer, or daily affirmations, and they are typically made from naturally-colored wooden beads.

Another spiritually meaningful type of bracelet that you could make is a planetary bracelet, and these are often used by individuals who espouse the practice of energy healing. Fortune bracelets are created by people who wish to bring good luck to themselves, and these are often wrapped around the wrist several times, with a lucky Chinese coin at the center.

There are tons of creations you can make using birthstone beads, either to represent your own birth month, or perhaps some other color which appeals to you more. All of the various colored beads which you would need for creating birthstone jewelry, can be found in our inventory, so there is nothing holding you back from getting super creative.


Where Our Wood Beads are Sourced

When we secure wooden beads from suppliers, there are a few principles we always keep in mind, so that we can supply the very best materials to our customers, and so that we can confidently stand behind our products as being the best available. First of all, we insist that all beads we purchase from artisans around the globe are free of any product flaws, so that our customers don't have to go through the stress of using subpar or inferior materials.

When you are trying to create a high-quality piece of jewelry or some other type of craft, we are well aware that this is only possible when quality materials are being used. We also place a high value on ethical and responsible sourcing from all artisans that we work with, in every corner of the world. This means that we will only work with suppliers whom we can rely upon for producing wooden beads in a humane and responsible way.

We realize that in order for you to place your trust in us, we have to be able to trust our own sources, and that means working with superior artisan and crafts suppliers. When you purchase any kind of wooden beads at all from us, you can count on them having been sourced from a quality supplier who has produced them in an ethical and responsible manner.