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Everything in life gets better with pom poms and tassels. As far as I'm concerned, anyway.

These neon baubles are used as camel decorations in Rajasthan, India. If you have a camel, s/he deserves to be decked out too! If you don't have a camel, I'm sure you can think of at countless ways to brighten up your projects and your life with these swags.

The first photo is taken during our recent Camel Styling Session, with Bittu the Camel, in Rajasthan. We took Bittu from bare skin to completely decked, in all kinds of Camel Swag. See the last photo for Bittu in all of his glory.
And come back often to see lots more camel swag. We've just gotten back from India, and I'll be adding lots of fabulous new items.

With this listing, you choose what color you want: neon pink, bright red, purple, orange, aqua, black, or white. A large pom pom in the color of your choice is the focal point, with two smaller colorful pom poms dangling below (color may vary on these smaller ones). These have a twisted cotton cord loop at the top, so that you can loop them around and tie or sew them onto or into almost anything.

This listing is for 1 large PomPom Tassel (there are 2 shown in most images). The Pom Pom itself measures approximately 8", and the loop at the top measures approximately 8.5".

**As these are handmade, size and the colors of the smaller pom poms will vary slightly.**

**As many of my products come from Nepal, a portion of my proceeds will be donated to the Unicef and Americares Nepali relief efforts. **

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