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    Aside from your creativity, the quality of the items you use when creating art will have a huge impact on the completed piece. As a designer, you need to visualize the end product and devise ways of creating artwork that will not only be appealing to your customers but also stay in line with today’s trends. However, blending the different components in a way that lets you express your creativity can be challenging. This is why Woman Shops World strives to make your work easier by stocking a wide range of bead collections. Whether you are creating earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, color is everything. Interested in a splash of red? Read on to learn a bit more about this bold and brash color!

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    The History of Red

    The color red is one of the oldest colors used in art. It has always had two opposing connotations throughout history: love and anger, good and bad. Regardless of interpretation, it has always been associated with passion and strong emotions. Red pigments are commonly found in nature, from blood to metals and dirt. It was used in cave paintings that date back many years ago, and bright shades were used during the Renaissance to draw attention to the most important aspects of paintings. The color red has also been used widely in times of war and rebellion. However, red paint is notorious for fading over time, changing its potency and meaning as it does. Today, despite various cultures perceiving it differently, it can perhaps be widely considered the color of humanity. It continues to feature widely in flags, art, and uniforms. There is no doubt that as an old color, it has come a long way.

    The Psychology of Red

    Red is arguably the most dynamic and passionate, symbolizing love, rage, and courage. It is also associated with energy and action, and as a warm color, it inspires thoughts of our physical needs and our will to survive. This means that the color can motivate people to act — something that promotes ambition and determination. As an iconic color for some of the leading brands, it captures attention quickly. However, it can trigger not only the strongest emotions, but also danger. As such, it should be used sparingly.

    How Red Makes People Feel

    Just like any other color, it is associated with both positive and negative reactions. Being one of the basic colors, it has a great emotional impact regardless. On the positive side, it is a color of love, warmth, excitement, strength, physical courage, and basic survival. However, the color also has negative associations with aggression, anger, strain, defiance, and danger. As such, red can even spark physical reactions in observers, including an increase in blood pressure, respiration, appetite, and metabolism.

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    At Woman Shops World, we stock a range of bead collections so that you have easy access to all of the components you need. In effect, we strive to ensure that you focus on providing stylish designs to your own customers. The next time you are looking for a red bead collection, Woman Shops World will definitely have what you need.

    81 products

    81 products