Assorted Disc Beads: You Choose from 14 Colors
6mm Vinyl Record Beads: African Waist Beads, 1000+ pieces Bright Rainbow Assortment Disc Spacers Lightweight Boho Necklaces Jewelry Making Supplies: Spacer Beads African Vinyl Record Beads Assorted Disc Beads: You Choose from 14 Colors
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These fabulous bright beads hail from Ghana, Africa. They are authentic vinyl record beads, (not the new replicas coming from China!) They are commonly known as "vinyl record beads," as they used to be made from recycled records. Now they are made from vulcanite, which is a compressed rubber product that was commonly used in the Victorian period to make jewelry.

Traditionally, women in various parts of Africa wear these beads as waist beads. The beads in this listing are incredibly vibrant colors, and they are tiny, perfect for so many projects, especially for making stretch bracelets!

✨The MAGIC is in the Details ✨
Bead Size: 6 x 1mm
Strand Length: varied (32-38")
Approximate # of Beads: 1000+
Hole Size: 1mm

These beads make great spacer beads. They are strung in a loop, the way they are traditionally strung in Africa, so they could also be worn as-is.

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