6 Unique Kandi Bead Designs

Over the past several years, designing with beads has become increasingly popular due to it being a great way to express creativity in an economical way. While many different small beads may be used in Kandi Bead Designs, many who embrace this art use small pony beads, seed beads, or other inexpensive beads and trade their completed projects with one another in order to show their support and to discover new ideas of their own.

Simple Bracelets or Necklaces

One of the best ways to get started with Kandi Bead Designs is to make a simple bracelet or necklace with a single row of beads. You can experiment with different sizes or textures of beading in order to give you a unique look. Buying beading in bulk can give you plenty to choose from and you can let your imagination go wild.

If you get larger hole beads, such as pony beading, it can also be a great activity to do with the kids. Just because the designs are simple doesn't mean it isn't fun to make them, and they can be made very quickly, and since they are so simple you can always reuse the beads if you get tired of one style and want to try another.

At Woman Shops World we have a large selection of small beads that come with various sizes of holes and in both solid colors and patterns. We also sell finishing materials to help you keep your piece secure.

Basic Cuff Bracelets

Once you get used to making single row bracelets and necklaces, you may want to try something a bit more challenging, like a basic cuff bracelet. A basic stitch, like a peyote stitch, is a good choice for a bracelet like this, the finished product will be a bit wider and feel sturdier on your wrist. While you are getting a feel for the stitch, it may be easier to keep things simple by either keeping the cuffs a solid color or stripes or look for beading that has patterns on each individual bead. When making a cuff or other project that demands multiple rows of beads, it is best to aim for consistency in size for a smoother finished project.

Character Patterns

Another popular choice for Kandi Jewelry is character patterns that look like some of the iconic characters that you love or their symbols. There are a wide variety of patterns including ones that are simple, such as the Batman logo or Pacman.


Flower or Nature Patterns

Projects that involve popular characters can be fun, but you may prefer styles that are more universal. You can start with easy patterns, like daisies or rainbows. Mapping out your pattern on graph paper or using premade patterns can help you release your creativity. Sites such as Kandi Patterns offer many ideas that can prove a catalyst for bigger and better things.

Stylish Kandi-Style Masks

Face masks are seen everywhere these days in order to help keep everyone protected from germs and viruses. But they are actually not new to Kandi jewelry. Since it is customary to trade during events such as concerts and festivals, protection against airborne germs is nothing new. Beaded masks offer great protection as well as style.

Kandi Purses, Bags, and Other Accessories

While trading beaded bracelets and objects are fun, sometimes you may want something more solid to keep for yourself or to give as a gift. If you use these to hold things, you will likely need to line them with some type of fabric to make sure nothing falls between the beads. You can also string and glue beading onto a solid surface for beaded wall art or coasters. It may take a bit more time to master these types of projects, but once you do, they will likely bring you a lot of satisfaction, and you may even find that there is a demand for some of your creations.

Like many crafts, becoming a true master of Kandi bead art takes a lot of patience and practice, but you are also likely to have a lot of fun along the way. Kandi bead jewelry and accessories are lightweight, and many pieces can be worn at once for easy trading. They are stylish for people of all ages and genders and their greatest purpose is to make their creators and receivers happy.

Get all the Supplies You Need to Get Started

Woman's Shops World has a huge selection of seed beads, African trade beads, pony beads, and various other small beading available that are great for making all sorts or Kandi creations, as well as many other things. Our entire inventory is reasonably priced to assure that you will have plenty of beads to work with in order to make everything you want. To experience our wide selection of beads and completed pieces of jewelry, see our shop pages and find pieces that you will love and spark your creativity today.

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