Buy Kandi Beads for a Fun, Colorful Look


    Kandi beads, or any small colorful pony beads, seed beads, candy disc enamel beads, or African trade beads can be used to make Kandi bracelets, cuffs, or masks that will give you a colorful look and an opportunity to share your style and personality with those around you at the next electronic music festival that you attend. Once you start making different bracelets, cuffs, and masks, you'll want a good stash of "Kandi" so you can make more for yourself and for others as well.

    Getting Materials for Your Kandi Jewelry

    At Woman Shops World, we have a wide range of hand-crafted materials to provide to you, with not only beads that are great for your Kandi, but for other jewelry projects as well. Small beads that are the size of pony or seed beads work great, such as Candy Disc Enamel Beads, or African Trade Beads. Both of these options are very economical, and beads are small ranging from 2 mm to 15mm. Some beads are solid in color, but many have mosaic designs on them in order to add even more personality to your project.

    What to do With Kandi Beads

    In the beginning, most people use their Kandi beads to make bracelets. These can be made very quickly, and are easy enough for a child to make, yet still lots of fun regardless of your age.

    As you become more skilled, you can weave beads together to make Kandi Cuffs, or even Kandi Masks that give colorful options to show different sides of yourself while staying protected against germs and pollutants in the world. 

    To learn more about all the beautiful bead options to get you started, or to take your jewelry making to a new level visit Woman Shop World to buy a batch of inspirational beads.

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    19 products