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On my last journey to India I fell in love with these amazing shears that are used in all of the fabric and ribbon shops that I visited. Part of the magic of travel for me is re-discovering the magic of everyday items. All scissors are not created equal, and this is something that I had never thought about before I discovered these!

This listing is for one pair of hand forged dressmakers shears. They are beautifully handcrafted from steel. Each pair is stamped by the maker, which gives them such a beautiful handcrafted feel.

Shears measure 10" from tip to tip. Blade measures 6", handle measures 4".

These shears are made for cutting fabric, and they cut so beautifully and effortlessly! They have sharp edges, and they cut all the way to the tip. Take care of them and they will last forever!

Each pair is oiled to prevent rusting. You can wipe them clean with a cloth so they don't leave an oil stain on fabric. Keeping them oiled when they are not in use will prevent them from rusting.

In addition to being an amazing tool, these scissors would make a beautiful desk accessory or present for your favorite seamstress.


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