White (Pearl) Beads Collection

White beads are a powerful addition to any accessory, outfit, or fashion project. They can communicate strong and stark imagery or emotions, or act as a base palette to build other colors on top of.

The History of White

White has a very long and storied history. It is the earliest pigment that has been recorded in use by artists: Paleolithic people drew images with pale chalk and calcite. It has displayed a high level of cultural importance throughout different eras.

For instance, the Greeks, Romans, and ancient Egyptians all depicted their deities as wearing it. 

In modern times, this hue represents pureness, as in the case of Western wedding dresses, and can also be synonymous with modern-day technology, as in the case of companies like Apple, which uses the tone heavily to create clean, crisp designs.

The Psychological Meaning of White

Empower Yourself with Color Psychology, maintained by Judy Scott-Kemmis, has taken a deep dive into the psychological meaning of the color. According to Scott-Kemmis, in terms of color psychology, it represents "new beginnings" and "wiping the slate clean."

It opens space for the mind to be creative, as its reflective nature helps to boost creativity and openness. Additionally, it signifies fairness: It contains equal proportions of all of the other colors. It can also signify a transitional phase in life.

Scott-Kemmis has also examined personality types that are drawn to the color white, pointing out that while it is usually not a person's favorite color in childhood, many people begin to favor it more and more as they move through life.

It can signify that a person cares for their appearance and presentation, and that cleanliness and good hygiene are priorities. Additionally, she writes that people drawn to the color tend to exhibit caution with money, and they display general self-control.

Pairing White with Other Colors

It can pair very well with other colors. For example, Shutterstock points out that pairing the color with black creates a strikingly contrasting result while pairing it with gray creates a more subtle but still effective result. In fact, they advise that it "can be paired with a wide range of colors."

To sum up, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment with mixing white beads with materials of other colors.

Jewelry Wise has provided additional information on using the snowy color, pointing out that it can be a way to add "pop" to an outfit or piece of jewelry. For example, if your outfit is made up of predominantly black colors, adding some contrasting beads to your look can create an eye-catching contrast.

Warmer colors also pair very well with it, with Jewelry Wise singling out rose gold and yellow as examples.

It's important to note that the color can do more than just complement other colors. For example, Cosmopolitan covers several examples of outfits that make use of only white, and with good results. The same can be done with individual pieces, like bracelets, made up of all-pale ingredients.

Buy White Beads

Whether you are building a crisp and clean look with your piece of jewelry, or want to make your visual aesthetic have more of a pop, these beads can help you create a strong and memorable quality in your piece.