Silver (Platinum) Color Beads Collection

Do you love all things shiny and sparkly? Our silver beads can make any jewelry piece a little more special: a beautiful tone can complement other bead colors nicely and help accent patterns and styles.

There’s something about the color that makes a piece of jewelry feel more luxurious and fun to wear. Silver has always been a popular color for jewelry, with real silver a common material for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

These beads can mimic the look of real silver but for a much more affordable price, and are also very versatile in designing accessories.

Use them as the primary color of a piece, or add them to a different color to give the end result more depth and an eye-catching finish.

The Psychology of Silver

Throughout history, silver has been a special color. In ancient times, it was a sign of wealth, superstition, and magic. It was also associated with healing and chivalry, and has been used in symbolism for many religions, organizations, and even family crests over the years.

Silver is associated with honesty and clarity: because many types are reflective, it is considered a mirror into a person’s soul. People who wear silver are therefore thought to be more trustworthy and distinguished.

Silver is also considered a clean and pure color, thanks to the metal’s antibacterial properties and consequent use in sterile environments like kitchens and hospitals. In folklore, silver was used as a way to combat evil and supernatural devils like spirits, werewolves, and vampires. It is often used in churches and on monuments and statues that are thought to protect buildings or cities.

Silver was used on weapons and was believed to give them more power, making the soldiers and knights wielding them stronger and more fearless.

Modern Uses of Silver

In modern times, silver is still seen as a powerful color due to its association with wealth. It's used in luxury vehicles, jewelry, seasonal decorating, and wear for special occasions.

More commonly, it is a popular color for home décor because it’s considered a neutral color and can be used with many themes and other colors.

Silver is often used as a secondary accent, but can easily stand on its own, too. As a result, it is an oft-seen color for light fixtures, faucets, cabinet and furniture hardware, and even picture frames.

Silver in Jewelry

Of course, it is still a popular color for various types of jewelry. People who wear it are thought to be bold, successful, and outgoing.

Silver looks good with all skin tones and creates a modern or even futuristic look. The cool, clean vibe of silver means it can be worn with any type of outfit or style for any occasion, perfect for a night out on the town, a fancy dinner party, or a new accent to a favorite outfit.

Our beads can give you plenty of opportunities to wear silver any way you like, so come see what we have today!