Pink (Magenta) Beads Collection

Pink beads are a way to add zest to virtually any piece of clothing or accessory. They can be used as the focal point for a piece of jewelry, or easily added for soft accent colors. 

The History of Pink

The color has a long, illustrious history, as detailed by Marianna Cerini at CNN Style. Figures including Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and political protesters have all made use of the color, but long before that, it rose to popularity in Europe in the mid-1700s.

There, aristocrats adopted it to symbolize their luxurious, classy lifestyles. It was not associated with men or women in particular: Both sexes made wide use of the hue in their wardrobes.

Later, in the mid-19th century, the color began to adopt a more feminine meaning. Around this time, rose-colored lingerie started to rise in popularity and conveyed an erotic message.

The color went through additional evolutions before finding a high level of popularity in the mid-1960s that has extended through today. Punk bands, pop icons, and other notable figures have worn it. In fact, according to Cerini, the rapper Cam'ron wore pink to New York Fashion Week, bringing the color full circle to be used by men as well as women.

The Psychological Meaning of Pink

Today,  this coloring conveys a variety of meanings. At Empower Yourself with Color, Judy Scott-Kemmis describes it as meaning "unconditional love and nurturing." In other words, it sends a very comforting message.

It is a combination of red, which usually signals a need for action, and white, which signals success and insight. Additionally, it is a romantic tone, though it signals less physical passion than red. Instead, it emits a "gentle loving energy." Scott-Kemmis also views it as a "sign of hope" that puts forth the idea that things will be OK.

Meanwhile, at, it is surmised that pink's meaning varies by tone. Lighter shades emit feelings of innocence and nurturing nature. More intense shades can bring about energy and sensuality.

It is also sometimes used by companies to give a sense of "creativity, artistic expression, and innovation," with the logo of Adobe InDesign and the branding of the designer focused social network Dribble serving as examples.

Because it is a sweet-looking tone, brands that sell dessert foods often use it as well.

Pairing Pink with Other Colors

If you're working on a fashion-related project using pink beads the good news is that it is a very versatile color. Add it when you want to give off the sense of nurturing energy, flashy creativity, or any of the other aforementioned ideas that it brings to mind.

As for specific color pairings, Dale Chong at Who What Wear points out that pairing it with royal blue can create an eye-catching effect. Pink can also be used to create a contrast when paired with neutral colors like brown. Additionally, it goes well with green, orange, and white.

Buy Pink Beads

Regardless of whether you are attempting to evoke imagery of love and nurturing, more romantic elements, or looking for a fun pastel contrast with your beads, Woman Shops World has all the pink beads that you will need to complete your piece. Contact us today to discover your options, and create a piece that is sure to catch the eye of many interested parties.