Gray Beads Collection

Colors have inherent meaning. We associate yellow with happiness, blue with royalty and serenity, and green with nature. Gray might be an achromatic tone, a shade that is composed of black and white. The shade is considered neutral, even boring.

Very few people would say that gray is their favorite, but it shows up in our wardrobes, in marketing and in décor. Learn more about the psychology of the color and why it denotes certain feelings.

The Psychological Meaning of The Color

When the sky is dark and cloudy, we say it’s a gray day. Dark shades convey gloom or depression. Lighter shades are linked with neutrality or protection. Sometimes, we consider it an impartial tone.

It doesn’t have its own personality, but when mixed with other colors, it adds sophistication or makes the palette duller. It carries both negative and positive meanings, depending on the colors around it. Many companies use it in branding to provide a balance between stark white and deep black.

Gray in History

Through the Middle Ages, it was the color of the poor, largely because it is the color of undyed wool. Many religious orders wore it as a symbol of poverty. Dying fabric was expensive and a luxury that not many people wanted to pay for. In the Renaissance, it became a more popular pigment in both art and fashion, as it was complementary to black, the most popular color of the time.

Over time, it became more popular in women’s and men’s fashion. Soldiers also wore it, because it was less visible in the field. Artists used it for shading and backgrounds. Claude Debussy even wrote an orchestral piece that he called a “study in grey.”

Gray in Decorating, Fashion and Business

In modern times, we often think of neutral tones as being conservative and reliable. Corporate executives often wear it to exude loyalty. It goes well with just about any shirt and tie. A person wearing the tone won’t stand out in the office.

The color denotes intellect and hard work. It goes from casual to formal with very little effort. Neutral colors are also timeless. Last year’s well-made suit can look just as good today and next year simply by adding trendy accessories.

Gray is also associated with maturity, linked to hair that occurs as humans age. It is a steady tone. You get a feeling of coolness in a chaotic world. The people who love it are often trying to protect themselves and their emotions. It’s not protective, not seeking out attention.

People who prefer it are generally self-sufficient and maybe even a little lonely. With neutral colors, it’s easy to be an individual by adding a splash of a bright tone that proves you aren’t boring. However, you still keep your emotions in check.

The deeper the tone, the more sophisticated and elegant it becomes. Darker shades highlight and frame other colors, making them appear more energizing and invigorating. Too much may denote depression and sadness. It is a classic shade that is rarely considered chic, but it is still often seen on the red carpet.  

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