Brown (Hazel) Beads Collection

Brown is a color that evokes a sense of warmth and comfort in many of us. Its deep rich hues are often the tone of many things of great value. When we use beads in our crafts, artwork, as well as a wide variety of other projects, we are usually trying to create an impression of security and value in the project or craft that we're working on.

This color is often chosen when we want to create a sense of simplicity and transparency. The rich earthy hues of this hue make many statements and all of them indicate quality, clarity, and calmness. 

The Psychological Meaning of Brown

Even when this rich tone takes on a more intimate meaning, denoting sensuality and sensitivity, there is still a feeling of being grounded, reliable, safe, and sincere. The color evokes many feelings however they all stay within the realm of stable gravity and security.

It also denotes an indication of authenticity void of artifice. This is perhaps why it is often used in conjunction with Thanksgiving and other down to earth holidays that are known for simple gratitude and appreciation, core character values.

The practicality of the color is void of excess and superficiality. It adds to feelings of elegance without excess and boastfulness. Brown denotes a quiet understated elegance that still commands a feeling of calm and respect.

Brown can even be a festive color when paired with other similar hues of a lighter shade. 

Brown in Modern Usage

Depending on your project, it is also a color that can be used to emphasize strength, structure, and groundedness. In a business sense, this can be quite a positive omen.

Brown is trustworthy and can speak unspoken volumes to your customer base. It symbolizes maturity, trustworthiness, and reliability, all positive traits when it comes to business. Psychological, it creates a feeling of warmth and comfort in others.

It can even signify a feeling of earthiness, which can also reflect positively on a business by giving your business an air of earthiness and practicality. 

Brown is a color that has many rich hues and a wide range of intensities. The psychology behind it is one in which the focus rests heavily on an impression of safety, stability, and down to earth confidence.

As a result, it is commonly used in the agriculture industry for its rich organic emotive, as well as legal and food industries. It is reminiscent of practicality, which is strongly desired in these industries in particular. Legal professionals want to attract clients and create an heir of reliability and trustworthiness. Just as the food industry wants to come across as trustworthy and transparent to the general public. 

Even the construction and transportation industry utilize it to create an impression of safety and consistency. It evokes feelings of nature and comfort as well as honesty. It's a color that creates an impression of approachability and relaxation. From beige to deep rich cinnamon, it evokes a sense of grounded confidence and stability.

It is a color that often puts people at ease and creates an unspoken sense of support. 

Buy Brown Beads

Depending on what you are making, and what you intend to communicate with your piece, you can use these beads on their own, or in conjunction with the many other beads that we offer. At Woman Shops World, we carry all manner of brown beads that will allow you to effectively communicate your message, regardless of the setting that you are preparing for.