BFCM 2020 WSW Grab Bag

We could all use a bit more joy and sparkle this year, right? Allow us to help with that! Every order over $200 placed during our BFCM sale will get a WSW grab bag (retail value: $40) that includes the following:

  • WSW logo jewelry pouch
  • 1 Silk Scarf from India (assorted colors)
  • Bone Bead grab bag
  • 2 Nepali Resin & Silver Beads (assorted styles)
  • 1 strand of African Love Beads
  • 5 Indian Bangles (assorted colors)
  • 2 Tassels
  • 1 Llama Swag Pom Pom Charm
BFCM WSW Grab Bag Valued at $40

Contents of WSW BFCM Grab Bag