Amber Beads Collection

amber beads

Have you ever delicately looked into an amber-colored bead? You may first notice their beautiful orange-y red glow. There are so many beading options out there now, and it can be challenging to pick only a few. Luckily, we're confident in what we have to offer at Woman Shops World - including our amber-colored options which are mindfully cared for and preserved the right way so that their beauty can last a lifetime.

Adornments in a deep orange, commonly referred to as amber because of their resemblence to fossilized tree resin, is one of the best choices if you want a tone that really "pops" and draws attention. It can add flair to simplicity for certain. Our amber-colored beads preserved straight from nature add warmth, excitement, and energy.

Amber-Colored Beads that We Carry

First we have our Yellow, Red Speckled Bone Heishi Disc beading. It's the perfect time of year to create jewelry with an autumn glow using this bead. It has an ombre appearance and is perfect for stacking bracelets or to use as spacers. They were made in India from cow bone and have about a 2mm hole.

Next we have our Coral/ Turquoise/ Brass Inlaid options. "They remind me of a freshly ripened peach!" They were handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal from faux-amber. They're great for making yoga-inspired jewelry, malas, bracelets, and bohemian-style jewelry. Each bead measures about 10mm with a 1.5mm hole.

colored beadsWe all need a perfect spacer bead! How about our Pink, Orange, Cream, Layered Laminated Spacers? They're vibrant and cheerful and remind you of a sweet piece of candy. They were made in India from cow bone and stained, and have a 2mm hole. 

Here's a glimpse at our Melon: Orange White Heart African Glass beading! They're rich in color and called "White Hearts" because they were made of two layers of glass with a "white heart" underneath the outer layer. They were made in the Czech Republic and measure approximately 4x3mm with a 1mm hole. 

These are only a few of our amber-colored bead options. You can view more here!

Crafts To Make with Our Beads

Think outside of the box with amber-colored beading! They hold so much beauty through their versatility and color. Finding one statement pendant to create a necklace that will truly stand out in a crowd is just one idea. See here for inspiration.  

Jewelry is our go-to, but what about a beaded zipper extension to add cute style? All you need is some sort of string of your choice (they use a leather strip in this piece) and a few of your favorite, smaller sized amber-colored beads. You can find detailed instructions here.

inlaid beadsFinally, see how to make a crystal necklace with some of our amber-colored beads. Some of the beading you choose may not look exactly like the ones in this example, but it will get your creative juices flowing. Take advantage of our amazing spacer beads to separate the larger beads with the amber glow. 

We hope it won't end there. Amber-colored beading can fit into any season, for any occasion. Going to the beach? Let that glow show! Going on a date? A bright and bold necklace will for sure add to a little black dress.

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At WSW, our mission is to offer you a cohesive, uncommon, and globally-inspired line of craft supplies that empower you to create with confidence, without the stress of product flaws and frustrations. We're family-owned and we value ethical and responsible sourcing and production from our artisans around the world. We wish to inspire wanderlust and fascination with the universe while reminding us all of our interconnectedness and ability to find the magic in the smallest of details.