About the Woman shopping the world, aka Carter

Growing up in a house where my mother spoke french to me, and my father traveled the world while working for the zoo, I have been instilled with a fascination with the world around me, and the people and cultures that make this such a beautiful, colorful place. The art of adornment that is so rich in other cultures has always been my personal preference on style. It's been said that my great-grandmother was the "original hippie of South Carolina." Traveling to India with my native husband, I stumbled upon a land where I am quite certain I have been before, in another life. My fascination with faraway lands runs deep. An avid creator, shopper, and lover of unique things, I have always dreamed of opening a boutique of all the things that catch my eye. I used to say that this shop is the beginning of my dream- but I realize now that it's more than that: WomanShopsWorld is that dream come to life. Being a jewelry designer myself, I am so enchanted with so many types of beads and supplies, that I can't possibly use them all myself. So WomanShopsWorld gives me a chance to play with these goods, handle them, photograph them, and share them with you. I find great joy in curating these crafting supplies that I've gathered here. Each photo session is a magic-filled experience for me. I hope that magic translates and inspires you. My husband and I have a collective 30+ years in the bead business, and travel frequently to source, design, collect, and bring home beautiful beads from all over the world. We work directly with the small, family-run business that we purchase from, and help them in continuing their traditional crafts. We travel mostly to India and Nepal, but we have our eyes on many other horizons and places where we hope to travel. As humans, we create borders and name countries, but I believe we are all one and the same. WomanShopsWorld is an extension of my love of and fascination with humankind, travel, color, and love of the world. I hope you delight in the things I have gathered for you here, from around the world. I donate a portion of my proceeds to human-rights organizations around the world. It is my way of giving back some of the gifts that I have been blessed with. Namaste~ Sign up for my Mailing List: https://eepurl.com/GYY6z