Yoga Jewelry

For many people, yoga is an integral part of life, and the expression of your dedication to yoga doesn't need to end when you leave the mat and break off the session for the day. You can continue to express your beliefs and your dedication off the mat as well, and one of the best ways of doing this is by wearing yogic jewelry. There are countless ways that you can show your loyalty and appreciation, for instance by wearing a mala necklace or a gemstone bracelet, and all of these can be beautiful displays of your lifestyle, as well as decorative adornments to enhance your ensemble. Below, you'll find some suggestions on different types of yoga jewelry, or beads to use for yogic pieces, that you might be interested in and choose to feature in your own lifestyle.

Yoga Jewelry

The standard jewelry that is used to represent yogic ideals is the Mala, which is most often crafted in the 108 bead style, but can also be made into a shorter wrist-length. Regardless of the length, these mala are integral in the worlds of yoga, meditation, and even buddhism. Traditionally made of rudraksha beads or even sandalwood, these necklaces and bracelets can now be made in all manner of styles.

This means that if you want to put together a piece with a specific color palette to complement your practice, you can now do so with our wide range of artisan-crafted bone beads. Each one is hand-carved and dyed, with care and respect for the animal that has given the bones to make these beads.

Many Yoga bracelets are made to include seven beads of unique colors with each working to help align your chakras during meditation and yogic practice, as well as keeping you aware and present throughout your day. These seven colors that frequently appear are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, with each carrying focus and alignment for a different associated chakra. The Red bead is for the Root Chakra, and is responsible for safety, security and survival. The next in the chain is often an orange bead, signifying the sacral chakra, which is connected to the stomach and inner organs, as well as creativity. The Yellow bead exists to provide energy and focus to the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is responsible for your intelligence and confidence, as well as balancing out anxiety. The Green bead in the bracelet exists for the heart chakra, helping with romance and love, as well as compassion and forgiveness. The Blue bead represents the throat chakra, bringing inspiration and loyalty when balanced. The next is the Indigo Bead, which stimulates the brow chakra to help you become wiser, more intuitive, and remove any fears. The final bead in the sequence is the violet bead, linked to the crown chakra, and is responsible for inspiration, creativity, and overall feeling of presence and connection.

These chakra focused creations often occur in these bracelets, and the larger necklace mala varieties as well. Whether you need the separate colors to fill out a piece for your practice or need a complementary neutral color to balance out these colors in your piece, we have a wide range of beads available for you to choose from.

Authentic Yogic Jewelry and Beads

WomanShopsWorld is an organization that provides many different kinds of materials used in the creation of high-quality jewelry, all over the world. Our sources come from artisans in India, Nepal, Africa, and other areas of the world where authentic handcrafting is performed with cultural traditions that give reverence to the animals that contribute and bring a higher quality to any piece that you produce. We provide bone beads, tassels, and all kinds of other materials that you can incorporate into your own designs, and create your own fantastic pieces. Contact us with any inquiries you might have, or to order some superior materials to use in your creations.