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    The color navy blue has been said to evoke many feelings, both good and questionable. Some have referred to this deep rich tone as the moody blues, while others have spoken at great length of the sense of calm and restoration that this color evokes. It is truly multifaceted and capable of producing a wide array of feelings but most commonly known for its calming and restorative emotive. Navy blue has often been associated with the military or royalty. It is a prestigious hue that has a formal or dressy effect and is commonly the color of many uniforms used in various jobs. It is a color with many functions and applications. Throughout history, this impressive color has been used in stained glass windows as well as fine china.  

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    The Psychological Meaning of Navy Blue

    Psychologically speaking, blue is a tone that denotes trust. It also evokes feelings of tranquility, rest, and relaxation. However, some tones can be a color that also symbolizes coolness or a sense of aloofness. In a business sense, navy signifies seriousness and is often used in conjunction with finance, technology, and security. It is even used in conjunction with sober or serious industries like accounting and healthcare. 

    Emotionally, it implies a sense of inner reflection. Its coolness creates an air of conservatism. It denotes discipline and self-control. This is perhaps why it is a color that is widely used in the military and as a uniform color for schools as well as for a wide variety of different professions. Navy blue is also known to inspire feelings of responsibility and duty. This may be one of the reasons why it's used in the military and for school uniforms as well as uniforms in general. It inspires a sense of duty and discipline.

    Navy Blue in Modern Usage

    Navy blue is perceived today as a tone with many strengths that it communicates. Calming in its nature, it can reduce tension and promote inner reflection. This color is often closely associated with feelings of trust, honesty, and loyalty, making it perfect for the professional environment. Its strong but modest colors do lend it a sense of conservative qualities, meaning that it is successful in a variety of environments. Easily used in outfits for men and women, it is extremely versatile, and commonly used in most wardrobes.  

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    Whether you want to use navy blue beads extensively in your latest piece, or are looking to use it as an accent color in an existing product, Woman Shops World has a range of beads available for you to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our options, and some fun and innovative pairings that will make your piece shine. 

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    2 products