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    Our maroon beads are perfect for those who want to convey passion and energy balanced with wisdom and sensibility. These beads pair color that pops with a light manufacture that is easy to wear and is suitable for all sorts of projects. This color is ideal for those looking for sophisticated colors, or any design that centers on earth tones or a fall theme.

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    The Psychological Meaning of Maroon

    While it is toward the darker end of the scale of red-blue mixes, sitting closer to brown than purple. It's commonly confused with burgundy but is a little darker and closer in appearance to a pure red. The hint of brown in it gives it an earthy feel as compared to a brighter red.

    Since it's strongly related to red, maroon shares quite a few of the same connections - it's associated with passion, attraction, energy, wealth and sensuality. However, when you want to convey these things with a more sophisticated flair it is the color to turn to. It refines the primal passions of pure red with a touch of added grace and intelligence.

    It also matches well to many of the same colors that complement both red and purple. Browns, darker greys, white, teal, gold, and rosy pinks all work very well with it.

    Maroon in Nature

    "Maroon" is actually derived from the French word for chestnut "marron," accurately capturing the usual shade of the nutshells.

    As an earth tone, the color is something that you'll encounter quite often in nature. It is often encountered amidst the natural browns of soil, tree bark and rock faces. One of the most famous scenic sets of mountain peaks in America is the Maroon Bells in Colorado, which are often used to represent the state.

    The Significance of Maroon

    It is the official color of the state of Queensland in Australia. It can be found on the flags of Qatar and the city of Phoenix.

    It is also among the official color schemes of many American universities including Texas A&M, Texas State, the University of Chicago, the University of Minnesota and Arizona State University.

    The "red beret" worn by many different armed forces around the world is actually crimson in most cases. In the United States military it is most commonly associated with airborne and pararescue units.

    There is also a school of thought out there that says that the color increases your appetite! Restaurants seem to take it seriously, as you'll notice a lot of them include it among shades of red in their logos and interior designs.

    And of course, many people probably became familiar with the color thanks to the band that decided to make it part of their name, Maroon 5.

    In Fashion

    The color is a fashion staple for fall outfits, blending in well with changing leaves and early snows.

    It has also become a trend in interior decorating and painting in recent years, as part of a general shift to earth tones from heavy use of blues and cool colors throughout the 2010s.

    And while Buddhist monks are generally more well-known for saffron, the Vajrayana sect that the Dalai Lama is part of wears crimson robes.

    Buy Maroon Beads

    Making a crimson mala, or pairing the color with warmer colors to make a piece that will shine for you or your customers? Woman Shops World carries high-quality maroon beads that will fit your needs, ensuring that you produce a piece that matches the quality of your craftsmanship. Contact us today to find out about the various options that we have available to meet your needs.

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