10 Fun things to do with an Extra Hour of Daylight

What will you do with a whole extra hour of daylight?

Stimulate your senses in fun and invigorating ways? Yeah, us too!

True, you'll loose an hour of sleep on Sunday when Daylight Saving Time starts, but just think of all the hours you'll gain with an extra hour of light every day! It's no hidden truth that trying something new is good for your brain, and helps you reinvigorate your life. A change of seasons and an extra hour are as good a time as any to try something new and put some extra pep in your step!

Here are 10 ideas to inspire your extra hours:

    1. Host a quick and easy DIY jewelry making party. Here are some fun earrings you can whip up fast!

      DIY Mixed Media Tassel Earrings by The Neon Tea Party

      Photo credit: The Neon Tea Party

    2. Get the newest issue of a magazine you're been wanting to read and find a bright spot to enjoy it. I'm loving the current issue of Mantra Wellness!

    3. Make a Pom Pom & Faux Succulent wreath for your front door

      DIY Raffia Pom Pom & Faux Succulent Wreath

    4. Try a new recipe (we’ve got this one on our list!)

    5. Visit a local garden or plant shop and get some gardening inspiration. 

      Or find some green things online. I'm loving this plant shop.

       Calathea "Beauty Star" from Arium Botanicals

      Calathea "Beauty Star" Photo Credit: Arium Botanicals

    6. Host happy hour and show your guests how to make these pineapple wine glass charms.

      DIY Pineapple Wine Glass Charms by PMQ for Two

      Photo credit: PMQforTWO

    7. Treat yourself to an at-home spa hour. We're loving the skincare options available here!

    8. Order some of these You are Beautiful stickers and spread some love around your community.

    9. Explore an international market that you've never been to. Asian stores are my favorite places to find new-to-me flavors and finds!

    10. Create a seasonal bucket list to put on your fridge: places you want to visit, restaurants you want to try, classes you want to take, goals you want to meet. Writing it down gives it more authority!


Have some fun ideas to add to our list? Love our suggestions and tried them? Do share with a comment below! Let's lively up this Spring together!

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