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Ruby White Heart

These striking antique French beads were traded into Africa as far back as the 1500's. They're made of two glass layers - a "white heart" underneath the ruby red layer.


It's in the name! This buttery yellow tribal African glass disc beading is very trendy and in season. Dating back to the 1900's in Europe, their imperfections are what gives them an edge. 

Glass Snake Chevron

These amazing pastel glass options get their unique name because of the way they interlock. They're zig-zag in shape and fit like puzzle pieces. With their well-traveled aging making them that much more special, you'll be styling in mystery.

Filigree Saucer

These neat brass options from the 1930's are made from filigree and are very lightweight. Their detail and quality are what make them stand out. 

Blue Skies

These robin egg-colored beauties are unusual and lovely. They are old French beading traded into Africa and unlike other vintage beading, they do not show dirt along the way.

Pastel Plum Party

These bright, jelly-like French beads are a combination of rondelle and tube shape. They make wonderful spacers! 


Like the Pastel Plum Party, these jelly-like beads are one-of-a-kind. They're a beautiful rondelle shape and date back to the early 1900's.


These Uranium glass beads are made of salts and hold a delightful shade of green. They've traveled the African continent and their history contains intricate details. 

Teal Green Crescent

A wonderful seasonal African wedding bead that's crescent-shaped is for sure going to grab some attention. Vibrant and whimsical; these staple options would make any bride feel special on the big day. 

Glass Snake: Purple & Royal Blue

These cool snake's backbone are tribal-chic and interlock beautifully for a timeless look. 

Rare African Crystal

Juju and sparkle in one! Their powerful appearance lights up a room with a side of edge. 

Back to Black Vinyl Record

These fabulous classics are made in Africa from Vulcanite - the same material used to make a vinyl record. These also come in bright colors as well!

Carved Lucite Round, Purple/White Polka Dot

These ones are fun and retro to say the least! They have great texture and add a pop of color and flair. 


Unusual in shape, these gold brass spacers work wonders for your jewelry designs. 

Small Christmas African Love Beads

Holidays make people happy and so do these little beads! They're made in Czechoslovakia for use in Africa. No two are alike and they make a great boho-global look come together.

Neon Green Uranium Vaseline Glass

Dating back to 1915 in the Czech Republic, these glass varieties made from salts are highly collectible due to their intrinsic beauty and history. 

Green Gears

These glass pinions are cool in the way they stack together. They date back to the early 1900s in Europe. 

Pretty in Pink Glass Seed

Like we always say - the magic is in the details and it shows through these sweet little French beads. Pastel and jelly-like, their aged shape varies which adds to their uniqueness.

African Jingle: Brass Bell

These precious bell beads have a story from Ghana to share. They're made from a lost-wax technique where metal is wrapped around a wax ball then melted out. They are true gems for certain and make a statement with every movement.

Blue Flower Millefiori Cane

These feminine Italian glass beauties have a flower pattern on their interior. They were found in Ghana and vary slightly in size. 

Bohemian Fulani

These clear glass versions from the Czech Republic hold a tube shape and were worn and cherished by the Fulani tribe in Nigeria.

Beach Treasure

These antique sandy-colored beads will for sure bring a calm vacation vibe. They're from Italy and known as Roman Glass. 

Yellow Hebron

These beautifully-aged options made in Hebron have a great shape and a large hole - making stringing them easier. They have some shades of gray and brown as well. Their appearance is somewhat earthy and elegant.

Autumn Blaze

Bold and beyond! These yellow striped, maroon, red beads are perfect for the autumn season. 

As you can probably tell, we adore each of our items and the stories they hold for life. With every bead and with every string, you can feel confident that we take pride in the care of our findings.

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