The Holidays are over, is it Spring yet?

The holidays are over, is it Spring yet?😆

It's about this time of the year that I think we all get a little antsy.  It's cold, it's rather grey out, and I know I start itching for Spring and all it's colorful glory.  Do you? Let WomanShopsWorld fuel your creative fires with a little Spring teaser. It's not too early to start creating your Spring styles!

Our Spring tassel colors are in production, and we can't wait so show you!  We've got a few new colors in the works in both the cotton and silky lines that you're sure to swoon over.  

In the meantime, here are our Pantone color matches for the Mini Tassels with Gold Binding

Spring 2018 Pantone Color Palette & WomanShopsWolrd Mini Tassel Colors
(Original color chart photo credit: Pantone, edited by WomanShopsWorld)

Look for the colors marked Coming Soon in the month ahead!

What color will you swoon for this Spring?

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