Tassel your way through the holidays

Are you about ready to cozy up next to the fire and admire your festive surroundings?

We've spotted some pretty cute and colorful decorations this year, but these Global Bohemian Tassel Ornaments from Casa Watkins most def top our list of festive favorites:

Image credit: Casa Watkins Living

You can make these too with just a few supplies! Get the DIY details over on the Casa Watkins Living Blog. They're super easy and add such a colorful bohemian flair to a non-traditional tree.

Tropical Bohemian Christmas Tree by Casa Watkins Living
Image credit: Casa Watkins Living

And if you're looking for some other quick and easy DIY ideas to add some flair to your holiday style, we've made a list of 50 ways to Tassel up your holidays!

50 Ways to Tassel your way through the holidays!

What are your favorite ways to add a tassel here and there?
Share your ideas in the comments below.


Want to create your own holiday magic? Download The Art of Mala Making today!

Download your free visual tutorial: The Art of Mala Making

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