Not so Mellow (Gen-z) Yellow

Yellow is the new black. The color of optimism, energy, and vibrancy, the color that Man Repeller coined Gen-Z yellow, is about to shine! And you don't have to be a millennial to be a part of this uplifting trend. 

Elle Australia has coined Gen-Z Yellow "the color to watch (and wear) now."

The name Gen-Z Yellow is not limited to one specific shade of yellow, rather it covers the yellow spectrum: think pastel butter yellow to lemon zest, and everything in between.

Whatever your preferred shade, we can thank Gen-Z for starting the trend, and add some zest to our own lives with a bit of yellow here and a splash of yellow there.

If you're not ready to sport a full yellow outfit, Cosmopolitan suggests that adding accessories in this vibrant color is a perfect way to warm up to the trend.

That's where WomanShopsWorld come in!  

Beads to make a yellow necklace? Yep, we've got those! 
A pop of yellow ribbon sewn on your favorite pair of jeans?  We can help with that too!
You want to make some yellow tassel earrings?  Ohhh, yeah, we've got you covered!

Take a peek at some of our favorite yellow items, and get your craft on in the color of the moment. 

Gen-Z Yellow is the new black

Autumn Mix Vinyl Record Beads | Banana Lozenge Bone Beads | Golden Yellow Raffia Fan TasselSunshine Yellow Vinyl Record Beads | Yellow Nylon Velvet Trim | Yellow Resin Beads | Yellow Mustard Ashanti Glass Beads | Yellow Olive Wood Beads | Yellow Floral Block Print Fabric | Ethiopian Opals | Buttercup Yellow Bone Bead Mala | Elephant Parade Silk Trim | Yellow 2" Silky Tassel | Yellow Mini Cotton Tassel Raffia Pom Pom


Want to create your own mellow magic?
Download The Art of Mala Making today!

Download your free visual tutorial: The Art of Mala Making

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