Mini Pom Pom Bracelet DIY + Stretch Bracelet FAQ's

Pom Poms and beads.  They go together like sunshine and daisies. So why not put some cheerful pom poms on your bracelets, slide onto your arms and spread that happiness around!  This quick and easy stretch bracelet DIY combines 2 of my favorites materials: Mini Pom Poms and African Vinyl Record Beads.

I started out as a jewelry designer so I frequently get asked questions about jewelry making, stretch bracelets especially, as our beads are perfect for that. Questions like: what kind of elastic I prefer, whether or not I use glue, what size pom poms work best, etc.  I know that entering a new hobby can be overwhelming especially with all of the choices available online, so maybe this will help ease some of that chaos! After awhile, you'll most definitely have your own preferences and tips to share with newcomers to the jewelry making game.

Take a minute to watch this quick little video, and read on for answers to some of the burning questions I've been asked over the years.

Q: What kind of elastic do you use?
A: I like Stretch Magic, in 1mm if the hole size of the bead is large enough.  Smaller if necessary.  The 1mm doesn't easily stretch out and therefore lasts longer. There's nothing worse than needed to restring your favorite bracelet if it loses its shape. 

Q: Do you tie a knot?
A: Yes, always.  I tie a Surgeon's Knot.  Here is a really clear tutorial on how to do that. For some more graphics, visit this google image search. Through trial and error, this is what I found works for me, but you can also feel free to experiment and see what works best for you!

Q: Do you use glue?
A: Absolutely!  I prefer Beadalon's G-S Hypo Cement because it has a great nozzle on it, and it seems to last a while (meaning it doesn't dry up quickly like a lot of glues do). The glue helps to reinforce the knot, preventing it from unraveling due to normal wear and tear. 

Q: Do you hide the knot? How?
A: Yes, when I can.  Beads with a 1mm+ hole size also make it easy to hide the knot.  With Vinyl Record Beads, you can slide that knot up inside a bead, once the glue is nice and dry. If the beads you are using are smaller than that, you can also try adding a crimp bead and cover over the knot for a finished look. 

Q: Any other tips?

  • When you are putting on your bracelet, roll it over your hand.  Don't stretch it any more than you have to, or put unnecessary strain on the knot.
  • Try not to shower or swim in your bracelet.  Unnecessary exposure to water and chemicals will slowly break down the elastic
  • Make sure you aren't using beads with rough edges. They will cut the elastic.

Do you have tips and stretch-bracelet secrets that you can share?  Feel free to comment below!


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