Mindful in the moment.... (but it's never too early to talk about Spring!)

When I was I sat down to write this blog post today, the theme I had in mind was Spring colors. But that little voice inside my head said, "you're supposed to be mindful of being in the moment. And here you are longing for April. It's January!" 

And suddenly this post turned into much more than a lighthearted discussion of Spring's color trends.😂

But I think that's why you're here reading, because for you and me, creativity- this act of bringing a concept into being with our hands- is about so much more than just the colors that we choose to create with. These thoughts are as important as the outward appearance of the finished creation.

I read an idea once that frequently resurfaces in my mind: wishing for a time in the future makes your present moments fly by faster.
And who wants to wish their life away?
Not me, and I'm guessing probably not you!

Yet, let's be realistic: as humans, we need something to look forward to. The proverbial dangling carrot. There is a certain amount of equanimity that is required to simultaneously be present in the moment, yet hold space for the beauty of the days to come.

I've come to understand that it is in this soft spot where the mindfulness grows. Because there's a difference between wishing the time away, and intentionally, foresightedly, paving a frontward path. It is here that we arrive at the understanding that good things take time. That seeds have to germinate. That bears need to hibernate. That even in winter, we honor the Spring that will come.

And so, on that note, let's mindfully talk about Spring, shall we?!

The winter months are a wonderful time to create for Spring. And for those of you who live in a cold, dreary place, you know better than the rest of us what a mood boost you can get by adding little color to your world! Just like planting a bulb in the winter gives you beautiful flowers in Spring, plotting Spring colors for your jewelry or craft line is a brilliant and foresighted winter activity!

We've got no shortage of color at WSW, and no shortage of craft supplies either! We're always adding new items, and our current inspiration for products is Spring, Spring, Spring!

Earthy Inspiration

Pinterest, Etsy, and Pantone are all predicting a year filled with earthy inspirations. While many fashion labels are paying more attention to sustainability, eco-friendly, and socially responsible manufacturing, many design ideas seem to be coming straight from Mother Earth.

Our new Desert Vibes Silky Luxe Tassel mix answers that earthy call:
Desert Vibes Tassels from WomanShopsWorld
Desert Vibes Tassel Mix

Burnt Orange

While Living Coral is the color of the year, we're also seeing an overwhelming presence of earthy hues such as Burnt Orange. These carved bone beads add the perfect touch of earthy orange to a design:
Burnt Orange Bone Beads 
Burnt Orange Carved Bone Beads

These rich Copal Amber beads from the Tuareg tribe are great for creating an ethnic look and feel that aligns with the earthy trends:
Burnt Orange Copal Amber Beads

Moroccan Berber Rondelle Copal Amber Necklace


I you've been hanging around with us for a while, you know we give the more is more mentality a huge thumbs-up! Maximalism is making a resurgence in the design world, and we're pretty excited about this more-is-more revolution.

Remember this blog, where I spilled my heart out about my resounding tendency for maximalism?

So if pattern-mixing, layering on, and mixing and matching are your design mantras, this will be your year to go all out!

Tassels and Pom Poms are always a good way to add on some flair, but these multi-media Cotton and Tinsel tassels add an exceptionally multidimensional element:
Cotton & Tinsel Tassels from WomanShopsWorld
Cotton & Tinsel Tassels

And of course our ribbons and trims immediately come to mind when we're talking maximalism!

Maximalism Trend for Spring 2019

What trends are you excited about? Please comment below!

We'll be sharing more of our inspirations in the months ahead, but we'd love to know what you're inspired to create with as we march on through winter towards Spring.


Want to create your own mindful magic? Download The Art of Mala Making today!

Download your free visual tutorial: The Art of Mala Making

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