Powers of Flowers: Exploring the Magical Benefits of Floral Herb Smudge Sticks

Powers of Flowers: Exploring the Magical Benefits of Floral Herb Smudge Sticks

by Blog Contributor Eryn Johnson

I’m pretty obsessed with these floral herb sticks for energy cleansing.   Not only do they look beautiful, they’ve got some pretty powerful properties. I love to keep one on my mantle for decoration, and one for burning.

Floral Sage Wand for Cleansing, Ritual, and Healing, from WomanShopsWorld
Our floral smudge wands are not only pretty look at, they smell beautiful too.

You may know that cultures around the world have burned sage for centuries as spiritual communion, ritual practice, and to connect with the divine, raise vibrations, and clear energy. This process is called smudging, and it’s a beautifully refreshing and cleansing experience that is essentially like taking an energetic shower. Just as many cultures make flower offerings to their deities, the colorful dried flowers in these bundles are like a beautiful extra offering for the Universe!

Some great times to energetically cleanse your person and your space are:

  • Before and after someone enters your home
  • When the energy feels stale
  • Before meditation, yoga, or ritual
  • After sickness or conflict
  • During the new moon
  • When you begin a new job, start your own business, or are starting on a new project

These floral wands are extra special because they aren’t just sage. What about the magical benefits of the other herbs and flowers in these wands? Read on to learn about the benefits of lavender, rosemary, cedar, rose, and sunflower.

Floral Sage Wands for Ritual, Cleansing, and Healing, from WomanShopsWorld
Our floral smudge wands are handcrafted from organic herbs and flowers in CA.


Lavender. Is this the most well-known and widely-loved herb ever? Probably, and for a good reason— it’s amazing! Lavender has many magical uses, including cleansing, psychic protection, increasing clairvoyance, creating the energy of happiness and healing, purification, and tranquility.

Rosemary. This herb is a powerful cleanser for your home and your own aura. It’s associated with fire, the sun, and masculine energy.

It’s believed to provide mental clarity, enhance memory, protect from negative energy, and open your heart.

Cedar. Cedar wood has long been used in temples and burned in sweat lodges, as it is believed to have strong purification properties. The smoke of burning cedar is said to attract good spirits and eliminate negative ones.

Rose. Everyone knows rose is magical, but do you know just how magical? Rose is associated with the the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite and the archetype of Venus. In Egyptian tradition, rose is also associated with Isis, the Egyptian goddess of magic, love, and wisdom.

It’s a powerful tonic for your heart chakra, helping to open you up to both giving and receiving unconditional love. It helps you attract the love you desire, connect with the goddesses above, and make your own magic even more powerful. Rose is even said by some to attract fairies.

Sunflower. Who doesn’t love sunflowers? Their vibrant, healing energy makes you happy just from looking at them.

Sunflowers are associated with the astrological sign Leo and the element, of course, of fire. Energetically speaking, sunflower can be used to transform negative energy, inspire prophetic or lucid dreams, attract abundance and fertility, protect from negative energy, and call in a relaxed, comfortable happiness like a warm sunny day.

Are you as obsessed as I am now? Click here to get your floral herb stick and bring these magical benefits into your space!  Each smudge wand comes with this smudging prayer:
A Smudging Prayer to use while burning sage.
A smudging prayer, included with each order.


About Eryn Johnson:

Eryn is a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and social media manager currently based in Philadelphia. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India where she became obsessed with mantra chanting, yoga philosophy, and chai tea. When she’s not doing yoga, she’s planning her next trip, hosting the Living Open podcast, or eating Thai food. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram at @erynj_ and at www.livingopenshow.com


  • Linda Long

    How do I purchase your products?

  • Linda Long

    How do I purchase your products?

  • Keisha sheppard

    How do these herbs and flowers burn together? Do they burn fast? Are they smokey?

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