Live (color)FULLY Color Inspiration: Tropical Hibiscus

Our aim at WomanShopsWorld is to continually inspire the people around us to Live color(FULLY). We do that not only by bringing you colorful goods from around the world, but also by bringing you content that can spark your creativity. You can find us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook & Reddit sharing all sorts of colorful, inspiring and creative posts. 

I've been really inspired lately by the Instagram feed of @ocean_dreamerr and her beautiful floral photos.  I literally feel a sense of calm come over me when I visit her Instagram feed. These little virtual escapes are really therapeutic and refreshing, especially during a hectic day of running a business and chasing after my two year old son. 

And I've always loved Hibiscus blossoms, but around here, we normally see them in the standard fiery red.  When I saw all of these rich floral pastels, I literally squealed with delight.  What delicious colors!  Of course I went straight to Google and searched for Exotic Hibiscus plants, because if I can have a slice of this tropi-heaven in my life, I need it!  I'll share the link below in case you want to add some tropical floral flair to your garden too!

I've been so inspired by these tropical colors, that I thought it would be fun to start a blog series on color inspirations. I'm constantly pinning things to different color boards on Pinterest, so I wanted to breathe some fresh life into that concept and put a WomanShopsWorld spin on it! 

When I started thinking further into this, it occurred to me: WomanShopsWorld grew out of my knack for trendsetting. I've always been drawn to the unusual and unexpected. All my life people have asked me where I get things, and I love to share! It brings me such joy to spread the colorful love, so this collage concept is an exceptionally fun way for me to share some of my current crushes with you virtually. 

Maybe you'll find your new favorite thing!☺️


Color Inspiration: Tropical Hibiscus, from WomanShopsWorld

1. Farm Rio Camila Wrap Dress, Anthropologie | 2. Mint Chocolate Bone Beads, WomanShopsWorld| 3. Blush Hush Earrings, ShopBando 4.Republic of Tea Iced Tea Hibiscus Sangria, Amazon | 5.Handmade Peach Bellini Soap, Tranquility Mtn. Soap on Etsy | 6. Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 5-1/2-Quart Round French (Dutch) Oven, Hibiscus , Amazon | 7. Peachy 8mm Bone Mala Beads, WomanShopsWorld | 8. Assorted Colorblock Flute Glasses, Urban Outfitters | 9. Pink Poppy Tee, Big Bud Press | 10. Arizona Metallic Birkenstock, Free People

Prom Dress Hibiscus Flower from Hidden Valley Hibiscus
Prom Dress Hibiscus Flower from Hidden Valley Hibiscus

If Hibiscus flowers make your heart skip a beat too, check out the beauties on offer over at Hidden Valley Hibiscus!  I am definitely ordering one (or ten!) of these, as soon as I can figure out which color(s) I want!

Do you have secret sources of color inspiration?  I'd love to know what your tricks are to tap into your creativity.  Feel free to leave a comment below sharing your color tips, and sources of inspiration.

Happy color-dreaming!



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