Is it a placemat? Or is a clutch? It's both! Check out this fast and fabulous DIY.

by Contributor Ariel Garneau for PMQforTWO

Fall, Winter, summer beach season - it’s all the same. No matter what the season, you always need a cute little clutch for the evenings you’re not carrying your Mary Poppins bag aka the big purse. Did you know you can upcycle a placemat into a clutch? With the right accessories like raffia pom poms, beads, and tassels, it will look like you snagged it at Anthropologie. Shh! We’ll keep your secret.

What do you need for an upcycled placemat clutch?

DIY Upcycled Placemat Clutch with Pom Poms

How to upcycle a placemat into a clutch

You’ll start by determining the shape you want your clutch to have. I chose circular placemats because I like the look of a half moon clutch. It’s easier to carry, more on trend, and an easy enough thing to find.

How to DIY an Upcycled Placemat Clutch

With my sewing machine ready, I folded the placemat in half, and sewed from one end, going towards the middle on both sides. I left a 6” opening at the top of the bag, so that I could still fit my hand inside if need be.

ic:How to DIY an Upcycled Placemat Clutch

ic:How to DIY an Upcycled Placemat Clutch

Once that was done, I started decorating the placemat! I am seriously crushing on the raffia poms right now, they’re such a fun pop of texture, and will look fab through the seasons. I glued a few to the black purse, and used one with some beads, as a swag detail on the pink one.

ic:How to DIY an Upcycled Placemat Clutch

ic:How to DIY an Upcycled Placemat Clutch

ic:How to DIY an Upcycled Placemat Clutch

You can add a zipper to the opening if you want, or even add straps, but the allure and simplicity of the upcycled placemat clutch is that it’s easy to do!

I’ve got mine styled for a chic night out, or a day tripping adventure! Where will your upcycled placemat clutch take you?

DIY Upcycled Placemat Clutch

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