How to Style a Neckmess: Tips from 3 Layering Experts

Layering on beaded and bejeweled strands of color and meaning in a coordinated, styled "mess"? Now that's a jewelry trend we can get behind! We've always been proponents of the "more is more" mentality when it comes to jewelry (and most things in life, tbh!) So the neckmess trend that is sweeping the 'gram lately is right up our alley.

We had a little chat with the women behind some of our favorite neckmess accounts about how they style their looks. Meet Tova (@tovamalibu), Dianne (@sparkleyayi), and Geraldine (@girl.with.a.diamond.earring) and get an inside look at their inspirations, layering tips, and favorite accounts to follow.

Q: Where do you start when styling your Neckmess? With a single piece or a group?

@tovamalibu: I definitely think group layers when putting together a neckmess.

@sparkleyayi: I definitely start with one piece that I call the “base” piece (sometimes two) that I add up to my everyday-never take off pieces (like never) like for example a stone or enamel strand or a statement pendant/charm. This “base” piece (or pieces) is/are the one(s) that will pretty much define the neckmess of the day!

@girl.with.a.diamond.earring: For me, I like my jewelry to tell a story. So there is usually a central piece that I want to feature and I will build the neckmess around that.

Neckmess by @sparkleyayi 
Neckmess by @sparkleyayi (Dianne) featuring enamel beads from
Q: When styling your Neckmess, do you have a theme or color-story in mind? Or is it more random?

@tovamalibu: Yes always a theme or a mood for me. I think to myself how would I tell this particular story thru my jewelery.

@sparkleyayi: I work around that/those one or two base piece (s) for color and or theme companions. It is a mess but it is an organized and well thought cohesive mess. Otherwise it will look sloppy and pieces will not get the attention they deserve. That’s the big challenge... make it look effortless and not perfect but tasteful! To achieve this, a good hint is to mix up pretty chains with different widths. Too many thin chains together can look too disorganized 😉.

@girl.with.a.diamond.earring: I used to love themed parties and dressing up in character so creating a JOTD look gives me the opportunity to play mini dress up, but using jewelry. I don’t plan ahead though, just whatever comes to mind.
Tova Malibu How to Style a Neckmess, by WomanShopsWorld
Neckmess by @Tovamalibu, featuring Rainbow Pop Chain from @womanshopsworld

Q: Is there a signature piece(s) that you wear daily (or almost daily) in your Neck-Mess? If so, will you share the details on the piece and the meaning behind it?

@tovamalibu: I have two tennis necklaces that I designed and these are my signature go to pieces that just make me happy. They never come off.

@sparkleyayi: Definitely!! I always wear my nameplate which spells my childhood nickname (family members and childhood friends call me by it). This nickname was passed down to me by my mom (given to her by her Dad who passed away when she was a child). As she grew up her nickname ended up being a different one, and she perpetuated the original by giving it to me... In a way, I feel we have our grandfather with us, guarding us. I also wear my bar necklace which was the very first piece of jewelry my hubby gave me when we were dating (I could not believe his great taste!! Right then I knew he was it!! Hahaha). The other piece I wear everyday is my diamond solitaire chain... a custom piece given to me by my parents that I just adore!! A reminder of their everlasting love for me, their only child!!💕

The most versatile piece I have right now is my Alta chain necklace with multiple clasping links. I love it because it allows me to hang all my pendants and charms very easily. But on days where I don’t feel like piling it on, I usually wear my snowflake pendant which is a gift from my dad, a vintage gold chain from my mum and a chunky Chrome Hearts cross necklace, and maybe an extra necklace or two from the most recent neckmess.

girl.with.a.diamond.earring on How to Style a Neckmess, by WomanShopsWorld
Neckmess styled by @girl.with.a.diamond.earring, featuring tassels and blue enamel Pop Chain from @womanshopsworld

Q: Neckmesses are trending this season for sure; do you think the style is here to stay? Or is it a passing trend?


@tovamalibu: I think it’s here to stay. People are looking for fun ways these days to express themselves and self expression never goes out of style.

@sparkleyayi: Neckmesses have always been a thing!! It is now a trend and people are learning more and more about it, and I can tell they enjoy being able to use so many of your treasures at once instead of just one!! I am sure many will make it part of their style from now on... sort of like a lifestyle!

@girl.with.a.diamond.earring: It’s definitely here to stay! For me at least. Somehow anything less than 3 chains feels naked LOL

Neckmess by @TovaMalibu with Rainbow Heart Charm from @womanshopsworld
Neckmess by @Tovamalibu, featuring Rainbow Pop Chain from @womanshopsworld

Q: Do you have any Woman Shops World pieces that you like to include in your Neck-Mess? Which pieces are your favorites?

@tovamalibu: I absolutely love the vintage inspired rainbow hearts and my newest obsession is the rainbow enamel pop chain... alll things colorful for meee!

@sparkleyayi: Ohhh! I absolutely love the enameled beads & chains, the crystal pony beads and the vintage inspired hearts!!! I love playing around with color and mixing them with my gold pieces... the result is a relaxed happy vibe that I simply adore!

@girl.with.a.diamond.earring: I just got my enamel pop chains and vintage rainbow heart which I super love. Their happy colors brighten every outfit. And I’m really attracted to the collection of African trade beads. They make a bold statement with their style and vibrant hues.

Neutral_Neckmess_by_@sparkleyayi, with beads from @womanshopsworld
Neutral neckmess by @sparkleyayi, featuring Pony Beads from @womanshopsworld

Q: Who are some of your favorite Neck-Mess style inspirations?

@tovamalibu: I am obsessed with @girlwithadiamondearring her style is a fabulous mix of whimsical and fine jewelery.

@sparkleyayi: @henrydominiquejewelry; @jasmyntea; @layeredcharms; @catherine_shapiro; @heatbetweenobjects

@girl.with.a.diamond.earring: My Insta jewelryhood is definitely where I draw a lot of inspiration from and buy most of my jewels! Each one has such a unique sense of style. They inspire me not just through their jewelry choices but also through their personalities. Besides the jewelry community, I also look towards vacation accounts like @Travelandleisure, @Bestvacations, and photos of past holidays for destination inspired neckmesses. I like the color vision of @Accidentallywesanderson. It is a great reference point for color combinations.

Rainbow neckmess by @girl.with.a.diamond.earring, featuring enamel pop chain from @womanshopsworld
Rainbows & Hearts neckmess styled by @girl.with.a.diamond.earring featuring chains and red enamel heart charm from @womanshopsworld

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