How did the camel get his swag?

If you've been to India, or seen pictures from your friends' India travels, you know that the Indian camel is one of the best dressed and most decked out creatures on the block. All the way from the tip of the nose down to their toes, they are covered in pom poms and tassels galore.  

I'm the type who contemplates the why behind things, so I've passed many a travel hour pondering how the camel got his swag.  I've asked my husband Aveesh, who is from India, why he thinks the camels are so festive. He explains that festooning their furry companions is a way to honor the creatures that assist the camel herders in earning their livelihood. They may be called beasts of burden, but they sure do look good while doing their work!

Decorated Camel from India; photo by WomanShopsWorld

After a few trips to India, I realized that all of those tassels and pom poms could serve a much broader purpose than decorating camels. They're perfect for decorating bags, mirrors, door knobs, keychains, outfit accessories, and so much more! That's when my hunt began to find the source of the camel swag.

Camel Swags from WomanShopsWorldOne of my favorite parts about doing what I do is the hunt!  I love that wild goose chase feeling I get while knocking on one door and getting led down the back alley to another door where someone knows someone who's brother makes camel decorations. That is what India is all about, and I groove on that.  

When I finally found the source of the camel swag, it was one helluva pom pom party! I tend to get really overstimulated when I "strike gold" on a treasure hunt, so I did what any good global shopper would do: I bought them ALL!  

Carter of WomanShopsWorld shopping for Camel Swag
That is why WomanShopsWorld has become known as THE source for alternative-use camel swag.  Now I know that most of us here in the US don't have a camel, but these intricately colorful creations can be used to decorate so much more than a camel.  

Here are some of my favorite ways to use camel swag:

Camel Swag as wall decor 
Camel Swag as Wall Decor.  Photo credit: Carley Page Photography
Camel Swag as bed cover
Camel Swag used as bed cover.  Photo credit: Carley Page Photography

Camel Swag used as bag swag by Miss Anna Gray 
Camel Swag as purse charm, styled and photograped by Miss Anna Gray

 Camel Swag used as purse charm, by Jamie Lauren Designs
Camel Swag used as purse charm, design and photo by Jamie Lauren Designs

Over the years, I have made adjustments in some of the designs so that the swags are more suited to the desired purposes of decorating.  These designs have grown to be some of the most popular items on offer at WomanShopsWorld, for their versatility and ability to add a touch of cheer wherever you need it! 

What are your favorite ways to style with camel swag or tassels?  Share here, or feel free to send us your pictures.  We'd love to see them!

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