Gratitude 2/19

Vintage Banjara Patch

I've been feeling it in my soul stirrings that 2017 was going to be a year of growth and renewal.  I have lots of things in the works on both a personal level and in the business. It's a time for me to gaze inward, in order to offer up outward.

Part of my offering is gratitude.  I plan to share periodic gratitude lists, in an effort to make myself more aware of many blessings in my own life.  Maybe my public offering of gratitude will also encourage you to be more grateful in your own life. 

Time in the desert
Time with family 
Jai taking his first steps
The magic of seeing Jai become more of his own person every day
Jai and Gypsy learning to be friends
A successful gem show
Exciting things in the works for WomanShopsWorld
Finding time for yoga
Eating raspados
7 Layer Rainbow cake for my birthday
Eating really good food in Tucson
My first manicure in months
Going to bed early and sleeping late

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