Gift Toppers: How to Up your Gift Wrap Game

Make your packages stand out under the tree with a little bit of effort and a lot of style!  
Gather your leftover jewelry-making supplies and jazz up those boxes to give your recipients the cherry on top of their presents.

The best part about extravagant gift-wrap toppers?
You'll be giving your recipient an extra treat.  The tassels, poms, and swag that you tie onto your packages can easily be crafted into jewelry or decor.

Gift Toppers with Poms, Tassels, and Swag from WomanShopsWorld

Here are some of my favorite items from WomanShopsWorld to incorporate into your gift wrap (clickable images):

How do you jazz up your gift wrap?  Drop a comment below to share your ideas!

Wishing you the craftiest of happy holidays!


Pom Pom Swag from WomanShopsWorld Rainbow Assortment Nylon Velveteen Ribbon Llama Swag from WomanShopsWorld Bright Red Fringed Tassel Trim Nepali Jingle Brass Bells from WomanShopsWorld Raffia Pom Poms from WomanShopsWorld  Tassel Luxe Tassels from WomanShopsWorld Bakers Twine Tassels Mini Bell Swag from WomanShopsWorld Image Map

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