Falling for Fruit Dove & Chili Pepper

Fall 2019 Pantone Colors: Fruit Dove & Chili Pepper

Spicy and extroverted are two words that come to mind when describing my favorite fall Pantone shades. This season, shades are not fading into the background, and that excites us immensely here at WSW. We love to talk color here, especially when they're bold and stimulating, and we know you do too.
The Color of the Year (COTY), and seasonal color trend is nothing new, especially not in the fashion industry. 

The colors that trend forecasters set as the season's anointed colors might not always fit your aesthetic. When that happens, it's a great opportunity to try creating with colors outside of your comfort zone. Trying something new can lead to grand new adventures!

According to an article I read in Fast Company, the paint company Behr uses their COTY program to inspire DIYers to “consider colors they may not have found on their own or felt confident enough to pick for their next paint project.”

I have 3.5 year old son who is a picky eater, and we always resort to Sam I Am when Jai refuses to eat something.


Sam I Am might have never known how wonderful those green eggs and ham are, if he hadn't just taken one bite!  Just like Sam I Am, be brave and try something new this season, and see where it takes you!

As an aside, I was discussing tassel colors with our web developer this week. (I'll let you in on a little secret: we're revamping the tassel ordering process to make it easier for you to order.) It's quite a process because of the large number of colors that we offer. We were discussing different options, when my developer asked "do any of these colors have names? Or only numbers?"  I explained that yes, they do have names but most of them are called their Pantone color names. Can you imagine the chaos if we had to ask customers to choose from a list that read something like:
Chili Pepper, Biking Red, Créme de P

êche, Peach Pink, Rocky Road, Fruit Dove....😂

More on that later, but consensus was that using the flowery Pantone names would be a bit much, for all of us! I can't imagine Sandra trying to pull orders with a list like that!

Back to color trends...

Pink is a color we love, in all its shades. Our pink tassels have always been a big hit, but this new Fruit Dove Pink is the most delicious shade of pink we have ever seen. Pantone says of the color: "

An extroverted pink, Fruit Dove creates a presence that can’t be ignored."

For all you extroverted pink lovers, meet our new Fruit Dove Pink! You can find it in Mini Tassels with Gold Binding, as #80, and in Mini Solid Tassels as #65. (Silky colors coming soon!)

If you're looking for beads to match, check out:
Strawberry Punch Pink Bone Beads from WomanShopsWorld

Strawberry Punch Pink Bone Beads

Ballet Slipper Pink Beads from WomanShopsWorld
Ballet Slippers Pink Bone Beads

Also falling into the exciting and stimulating color category is Chili Pepper, another Pantone color of the season. A good bright red is a year-round favorite, but in the colder months it adds such a nice warmth to color palettes. Looking for the perfect tassel match for Pantone's Chili Pepper? 

Check out #23 in 

Mini Tassels with Gold Binding,, and #17 in 

Mini Solid Tassels.

We've got lots of red beads to match those spicy red tassels:

Red & Black Carved Owl Bone Beads
Red & Black Own Hand Carved Bone Beads

Bright Red Bone Spacer Beads
Bright Red Bone Spacer Beads

We love the idea of pairing these two shades together for maximum impact! It's unexpected pairings like these that create the kind of bold statement that we love here at WSW!

What do you think of these two seasonal shades? Drop a comment and let us know. Or, share your Fruit Dove and Chili Pepper creations on social media using #MyWSW.

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