DIY the IT bag for Summer: Raffia Pom Pom Straw Bag

ic:DIY Raffia Straw Pom Pom Bag with The Neon Tea Party and WomanShopsWorld

Straw bags are  the “it” bag of summer. Whether a large tote or a small clutch, we simply can’t get enough of these tropical satchels when the sun is shining. While a plain straw bag is always classic, you know we’re alllll about adornments. It’s for that reason a decked-out straw bag seemed in order, complete with two of our favorite WSW adornments:  raffia pom poms and  dip-dyed tassels.

DIY Raffia Straw Pom Pom Bag with The Neon Tea Party and WomanShopsWorld
Marisa of The Neon Tea Party with her Pom'd and Tassel'd Straw Bag

To pull in the color-blocked detail from the tassels, we added colorful yarn to the handle. We think the result is a total knockout! The best part about this DIY: you can rock this bag with any daytime look, take it out at night, on vacation, to the beach... there’s no wrong situation for a bag this stylish!

Let’s learn how to make it, shall we?
Handmade Dip Dye Tassels for Jewelry Making


Tassel comb (optional)
Raffia Pom Poms for DIY, Decor, and more

Start by trimming open the loops of all your raffia pom poms in the middle of the loop.
How to add Raffia Pom Poms to a straw bag

Using your darning needle, insert the both strands of the snipped loop through the weave along the side of the bag.
How to attach Raffia Pom Poms to a Straw Bag

Tie the strands together tightly on the inside of the bag and trim the excess ribbon. Repeat until the pom poms are attached all around the outside of the bag.
How to decorate a plain straw bag

Next, adorn the handle by wrapping yarn in color blocks. Tie your first color to the base of the handle placing the tail upwards against the handle. Wrap the yarn around the handle and the tail making sure none of the handle peeks through.
How to decorate a plain straw bag

Tie off your first color again leaving the tail going upwards to be wrapped by the next color. Tie your next color over the tail of the first color and repeat the process.
How to DIY decorate a simple straw bag
Keep going until the handles have been completely wrapped. You can add a dab of glue to the beginning of the first wrap and end of the last wrap to secure it, if you’d like.

How to tame a messy tassel

If you happen to have a tassel comb or a regular plastic comb, you may want to give the dip-dyed tassels a comb out to loosen up the colored dye and fluff up the tassels.

Hang Tassels from your purse handle for a fun pop of color!

Next, thread all the tassels onto a long piece of cotton twine or white yarn. Leave the bottom tassel hanging then go back up through the rest of the tassels with the twine/yarn.

Hang tassels from your purse strap for a fun pop of color.

Knot the two tails together and trim off the excess twine/yarn. Loop the twine/yarn over one of the handles.

Handmade tassels for purse charms

Finally, pull the tassels through the loop for a fun finishing touch!

Marisa from The Neon Tea Party with her DIY Tassel and Raffia Pom Pom Straw Bag

If you try out this or this any other WomanShopsWorld projects, be sure to share photos and tag #mywsw! We love seeing what our creative customers craft using our assortment of globally sourced supplies.

Feel free to leave any comments or project questions below.

Happy crafting!


By Marisa Morrison, DIY blogger, craft teacher and founder of The Neon Tea Party

The Neon Tea Party is on a mission to prove that everybody (yes, you too!) can craft and encourage you to get in touch with your creative side. TNTP provides fun DIY ideas, kits, and classes to help you make on-trend, globally-inspired products that will add joy to your home and wardrobe. Whether you’re curious about crafting or looking for a fun group activity, The Neon Tea Party has got you covered.


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