DIY Global Eclectic Upcycled Lamp

by Contributor Ariel Garneau for PMQforTWO

How many times have you seen a lamp and thought “wow! I wish I could make something like that?!” For me, it happens all too often, but thankfully I’m crafty and can, and so can you! I love the global eclectic look, especially on smaller pieces because it allows them to make more of an impact. So with that in mind, I made a global eclectic upcycled lamp.

What do you need for a Global Eclectic Upcycled Lamp?

ic:Global Eclectic Upcycled Lamp DIY by PMQforTWO

How to upcycle a lamp with a global eclectic style

What I’ve always loved about the global look, is how the different textures and styles are mixed together for an eclectic and bold vibe. By using the different styles and shapes of beads, I’m doing the same thing, and I don’t even have to travel the world to get them because WomanShopsWorld offers such eclectic crafty goods!

Once you’ve chosen your beads, create a pattern with them, so that you know how you’re going to hot glue them to the lamp. I went blue / yellow / blue across three levels.

ic:Decide on your bead pattern

Having chosen the pattern, I warmed-up my glue gun and got to work. It only took a few minutes to do, and the biggest effort was making sure there wasn’t any errant glue on the lamp.

ic:Global Eclectic Upcycled Lamp DIY by PMQforTWO

ic:Glue on your beads using a glue gun

When I was done and all the beads were firmly in place, I made some tassel / raffia pom swag to hang around the socket. Because the lampshade is also upcycled, it doesn’t quite cover the socket, so this will help.

BONUS: If you wanted to upcycle the lampshade as well for an even more global eclectic look, you can use any of the amazing trims or ribbons in the store to edge the shade.

ic:Edge the Shade with Trim

How to style your Global Eclectic Upcycled Lamp

Because of the colors in the beads and the lamp, I styled it with similar shades, as well as some contrasting ones. I think it fits in nicely with the rest of my curated and collected items.

ic:Style your Upcycled Lamp with similar colors

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