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From the runway to your favorite budget-friendly boutique, this season's fashion and home decor trends are FULL of tassels, pom poms, fringes, and trims.  Tassels are popping up everywhere from jewelry, clothes, shoes and handbags, to lamps, dressers, blankets and pillows!  While most of our customers use our tassels and pom poms to make jewelry or jazz up a handbag, we have also seen quite a few inspiring home decor and fashion projects using our colorful accents! 

Do you remember this awesome Pom Pom Pajaki-style chandelier from Marisa of The Neon Tea Party?  Marisa made this using an embroidery hoop and our llama swag pom poms!  Pretty pom-tacular, right?!
 Pajaki-style chandelier, made by Marisa over at The Neon Tea Party!

And how about this Tasseled Dresser, designed by Charlotte Interior Designer Traci Zeller.  Our Tassel Luxe tassels are the perfect touch of whimsy to turn a standard dresser into a stellar statement piece.
Tasseled Dresser by Traci Zeller, Charlotte area Interior Designer

In the fashion arena, tassels and poms galore are making an appearance on skirts, tops, bags, sandals, and hats. We totally love this more-is-more, maximalist approach.  You can find these lovely details in every material, from cotton and silk to raffia and jute.

Here are some of my personal favorites:

Alice and Olivia Merril Tiered Tassel Embellished Skirt

Alice and Olivia Merril Tiered Tassel Embellished Skirt

Avec Moderation Bora Bora Slipper

Avec Moderation Bora Bora Pom Pom Slipper


Figue Zita Tassel Tunic
Figue Zita Tassel Tunic

Oscar De la Renta Silk Tassel Earrings

Oscar de la Renta Silk Tassel Earrings

Dodo Bar Or Tasseled Stripe Cotton Gauze Jacket
Dodo Bar Or Tasseled Stripe Cotton Gauze Jacket

When it comes to trends of the season and shopping, we've probably all had a case of the "gimmie's" when we spot a dazzling item in our favorite shop. There's always that one thing a person really wants, and then there's that thing that a person can rationally spend their hard-earned money on.  That's where WomanShopsWorld comes in!  When you make something yourself for a fraction of the price, you get the added bonus of being able to respond to alllll of the compliments with, "Thanks, I made it myself!"

Now I'm not suggesting that you try to DIY a tassel skirt like that one up above (unless you're into it!)😉 but some raffia pom poms on some slides?  Some tassels on your beach tote?  Totally do-able!

I've scoured the web and found the most perfect basic accessories that are just begging to be pom'd and tassel'd.  So before you go blow your next paycheck on that pair of designer slides, try your hand at DIY-ing it!
DIY Pom Pom Sandals, DIY Tasseled Sun Hat, by WomanShopsWorld, Tassel Supplier

Image Credits and links: 
Designer Style:
Avec Moderation Bora Bora Pom Pom Slipper | Loeffler Randal Gabi Pom Pom Slides | Eric Javits Bahia Tasseled Hat | Marzi Pom Pom Sun Hat

DIY Budget:
BohoPeach Greek Straw Sandals | WomanShopsWorld Raffia Pom Poms | SOMALER Women's Floppy Sun Hat | WomanShopsWorld Summer Punch Tassel Trim | WomanShopsWorld Fringed Tassel Trim | WomanShopsWorld Luxe Pom Poms

If you try these or any other fun tassel and pom pom crafts using WomanShopsWorld goods, share them with us by using the hashtag #mywsw.  We love seeing what our  innovative customers create using our crafty global goods!  We share our favorites on our social media feeds, so this could be your chance to show off your style to the WSW family!

Happy crafting~



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