A Salute to the Seasons: Creating Seasonal Altars

by Blog Contributor Eryn Johnson

As you probably (definitely) know, we’re big fans of color here at Woman Shop World.

We’re also big fans of nature, and we love its unique, gorgeous colors, and using those colors to connect to the powers of each season.  We love to create seasonal sacred spaces that invoke the essence of each season: the deep rich orange of autumn leaves, the soft lush green of grass, the craggy gray of mountains, the golden sand of deserts, the turquoise of ocean waves.

That’s one reason why we love creating seasonal altars and incorporating bits of seasonal magic into our sacred spaces. This blog will share a few ideas to help you create your next seasonal altar!



Spring Altar at WomanShopsWorld

In the spring, we honor the new life and rebirth that happens in nature and simultaneously in us. Some ideas for items for your altar:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Fresh herbs
  • Representations of the waxing moon, the moon phase associated with this time of year
  • Representations of flowers such as floral fabric or textiles
  • Floral charms or trinkets
  • White, green, pink, and yellow candles
  • Spring water
  • Green aventurine crystal
  • The Empress tarot card
  • Ace of cups tarot card
  • Tree agate crystal
  • Representations of what you are focusing on growing at this time of year
  • Abalone shell
  • Floral smudge wand
  • Images of maiden goddesses such as Persephone and Artemis


Summer Altar at WomanShopsWorld

In summer, we honor the abundance of the Earth and the abundance within us. Place anything on your altar that makes you feel abundant! Here are some ideas:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Images of the full moon, the moon phase associated with this time of the year
  • Charms or Pendants that are representations of the full moon
  • Representations of what you are focusing on growing and manifesting at this time of the year
  • Red, yellow, gold, and brown candles
  • A mala with summery colors
  • Black candles
  • Cinnamon
  • Cacao
  • Anything that feels luscious and decadent to you— maybe your favorite a silky dress or a delicious essential oil scent
  • Images of mother goddesses such as Isis, Mary,
  • Citrine, carnelian, garnet, and/or tiger's eye crystals



Fall Altar at WomanShopsWorld

We’ve moved into the waning phase of the year, and as such we honor death in the cycle of life. It’s a time to release, let go, and honor how the wheel of the year moves through the death portion of its cycle. Some things you might like to place on your altar:

  • Representations of the waning moon, the moon phase associated with this time of the year
  • Acorns or other seeds
  • Rudraksha seed mala
  • Seasonal Charms
  • Leaves that have fallen from trees
  • Representations of what you are focusing on releasing at this time of the year
  • Black candles
  • Your Death tarot card
  • Your Queen of Wands tarot card
  • Images of crone goddesses such as Hecate and Baba Yaga
  • Hematite, indigo gabbro, petrified wood, and/or stilbite crystals


Winter Altar at WomanShopsWorld

In winter, we honor stillness and silence. We take space to be present and open ourselves up to receiving wisdom from ourselves and from the divine. Below are some ideas for items to put on your winter altar:

  • Red berries
  • A Mala representing red berries
  • Pinecones or Pine branches
  • Representations of the dark or new moon, the moon phases associated with this time of the year
  • Nature-inspired charm or pendant
  • Melted snow in a bowl
  • Wood beads
  • Red, green, silver, and white candles
  • Images of crone goddesses such as Hecate and Baba Yaga
  • Tree branches
  • An empty bowl, signifying your willingness to receive
  • Selenite, angelite, snowflake obsidian crystals, or other white crystals
  • Your 4 of swords and High Priestess tarot cards

Do you make seasonal altars? What other items do you like to place on them? Comment below and share! You can also shop altar supplies at Woman Shops World!

About Eryn Johnson:

Eryn is a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and social media manager currently based in Philadelphia. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India where she became obsessed with mantra chanting, yoga philosophy, and chai tea. When she’s not doing yoga, she’s planning her next trip, hosting the Living Open podcast, or eating Thai food. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram at @erynj_ and at www.livingopenshow.com



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