7 Jewelry Trends we're loving this summer

Do jelly bracelets, love beads, pukka shells, and friendship bracelets still make your heart skip a beat? Us too! This season's accessory trends are perfect for you!

Uplifting and feel-good throwback jewelry is huge this season according to VogueThe Zoe Report, Elle, and WomanShopsWorld (well, it's always true here!). Chan Luu is designing with Cowrie Shells, so you know they're all the rage!

These throwback trends styles make us feel good and remind us of the carefree days of childhood, idyllic days of summer camp, and endless trips to the beach.  Fashion experts at PureWow.com interviewed Shopbop’s fashion director, Caroline Maguire, who suggests styling classic, minimal pieces with colorful, trendy ones, adding, “I love the juxtaposition of fine dainty bracelets stacked with woven, vibrant shell bracelets.”

We love to splurge on fashion from time to time, but we love to DIY and inspire you to do the same even more!  We say, elevate the throwback trend even higher! DIY your own nostalgic bijoux and give it some meaning! Plan a craft night and make updated versions of charm bracelets, shell necklaces, and stretch bracelets. Add tassels in symbolic colors, or pom poms that match your BFF's. Incorporating spiritual symbolism into your designs gives them extra magic. Wearing specific colors helps us balance various parts of our self. Visit this blog post for a crash course in technicolor symbolism and meanings of colors.  Don't worry if you've never made jewelry before.... it's easy and trying something new is good for you in so many ways!

We've broken down the throwback trend into 7 elements that make it so eye-catching. We love this trend so much, we've curated an entire section so you can browse our favorite components and DIY your own camp-style, vacation-ready jewelry.

Here are 7 of our favorites styles in the throwback trend:

1. Color, Color, Color!

Carolina Bucci jewelry
Designers like Carolina Bucci are layering on the color! When it comes to color, we say more is more! Color makes us happy, so let's pile it on!

2. Shells and Beachy Themes
Pukka Shell, Cowry Shell Jewelry by Goupi
Pukka shells are getting an upgrade, and having such a moment!  The plain-jane pukka is popping up with enamel, gold, and vibrant colors. We're seeing them all over the place this season, layered in looks like this one from Goupi. Cowry shells will forever take us back to the sun-filled days of childhood summers. If the memories are good, don't let them fade!

3. Good Luck Charms
Jaimie Geller Jewelry

Evil Eyes, Hamsas, Rainbows, Wishbones, Hearts... good luck symbols are taking center stage in jewelry and in other fashion.  Give us allll the good vibes, like in this stack from Jaimie Geller Jewelry. We love the idea of using your jewelry to remind you of all the magic around us!

4. Camp-inspired Style
Layered Camp Style jewelry by The Neon Tea Party
Lightweight materials, stacks of accessories, and layers of meaning make up some of our favorite nostalgic jewelry. Jelly bracelets, friendship bracelets, macrame necklaces, and other colorful layers that stack well together are popping up on arms and necks everywhere. Our friend Marisa over at The Neon Tea Party is queen of macrame creations if you're looking for ways to DIY it!

5. Bracelet Stacks
Camp Style Arm Candy from Dannijo Jewelry

We love the look of mismatched and layered textural elements like this one, from Dannijo.  Combining various materials and textures creates that carefree summer vibe and tugs at our maximalist heart strings! 


6. Playful Attitude
Throwback jewelry style from Vanessa Mooney
It's hard to take things too seriously when you're draped in color, positive symbols,  and nostalgia! Looks like this one from designer Vanessa Mooney have us feeling like we're on an endless summer vacation! 


7. Chevron & Geometric Patterns
Geometric Bracelet Stack worn by Billie Faricy-Hyett
Ahhhh, the acute angle.  Our obsession with chevrons, triangles, and straight angles has never really gone away. We're seeing it more than ever this season, even on the arms of fashion experts like Billie Faricy-Hyett, accessories buyer for NET-A-PORTER. Apparently we're not the only ones loving these straight lines and bold angles.

What part of this season's jewelry trend are you loving?  Do tell!  We'd love to know what it is about this whimsical style you love. 

If you feel like giving your DIY skills a try, check out our curated collection of vacation-ready jewelry making components.

DIY your own Throwback, Camp-style summer jewelry
Some of our current favorites to fit the trend, clockwise from top left:
African Brass Hex Nut Beads | Golden Bronze Ghana Glass Beads | Glass Chevron Snake Beads | Cowry Shells with Evil EyeStriped Hairpipe Bone Beads | 6mm Vinyl Record Beads | 4mm Vinyl Record Beads | Bone Heishi Beads | Hamsa Miyuki Beaded Pendants | Saki Silver Brass Earwires | Mini Sold Cotton Tassels | New Ornate Fancy Tassels | Enameled Cowry Shell Connector Beads

Learn more about creating intentional jewelry by downloading our free guide, The Art of Mala making below:

Download our Guide: The Art of Mala Making


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