3 Rituals for Creativity

by Blog Contributor Eryn Johnson

3 Rituals for Creativity

There’s nothing worse than when you want to create something…but you’re just not feeling inspired.

We’ve all been there. This blog will share a few rituals to help you get out of a funk and open up your creative channel…so you can get back to creating with plenty of joy and inspiration.

Candle Ritual for removing creative block

1. Candle magick ritual. You’ll need:

    • An orange candle for creative energy
    • A black candle for banishing
    • Your Empress tarot card for creative energy
    • Your Death tarot card for releasing
    • 2 pieces of paper
    • A pen

    On one of your pieces of paper, write about your blockage. No need for full sentences or paragraphs, just write down any words that come to mind to describe what’s blocking you and how it feels. Think things like imposter syndrome, fear, attachment to outcomes, “I’m not good enough,” exhaustion, busyness, etc.

    Light your black candle and read your list out loud. Place your list and your Death tarot card underneath the candle. Set the intention for the black candle to absorb all of these blockages from your body and heart, and return them back to the earth from where they came.

    Then, take your other piece of paper and write key words about how it feels when you’re in the creative flow. Write the conditions that help you feel most creative. Let those creative feelings wash over you.

    Light your orange candle and read this list out loud. Place your list and your Empress tarot card underneath the candle, setting the intention for the orange candle to bring creative, Empress energy to you. Set the intention to be open to receive it.

    Let both candles burn all the way down. Then go make something!

    Candle Magick Ritual for removing creative block

    2. Embodiment practice. Your sacral chakra, located an inch or two below your belly button, is your body’s center of emotion and creativity. You can wake this center up with an embodiment practice. Here are some ideas:
      • A hip opening yoga practice (try a flow practice if you’re feeling more high energy, or a restorative yin based practice if you’re feeling more low energy). 
        This is one of my favorite flow classes on YogaGlo. They offer in-home streaming yoga classes! 
      • Dancing your heart out (if you’re crunched for time, go for the length of one song. If you have more time, try 20-30 minutes of dancing. It will change everything, I promise!)
      • A few minutes of hip circles — try going in both directions!
      • Deep belly breaths — lay on the floor, bend your knees, and spend a few minutes taking deep, nourishing breaths into your low belly. You’d be surprised what the breath can stir up and awaken!

      Ritualize your practice with a pause for a few deep breaths beforehand, setting the intention to hold sacred space for yourself to awaken your creativity.

      3. Tarot spread. Consult your intuition and the wisdom within by using your tarot cards (oracle cards work too if you don’t have tarot cards!). There are a few ways to do this. You can use the spread below and pull a card for each question. If you’re feeling blocked but short on time, try pulling just one card for this question: “What can I do write now to enhance my creativity?”
        • Why am I feeling blocked?
        • Advice for moving through creative blockage
        • Advice for connecting with my creative energy
        • What can I do right now to enhance my creativity?

        The last question, “what can I do right now to enhance my creativity?” Is your action card. Pay attention to what it’s telling you, and see what you can make happen after you pull these cards. Journal anything that comes up for you (a creative act in itself!). 

        What do you do when you feel creativity blocked? Comment below and share.


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