2018 WomanShopsWorld Holiday Gift Guide

Ho Ho, whoa, Where did you get that?! 

Wondering what to gift the special human in your life this holiday season that will really delight them? My approach is always to give something that I'd love to receive myself.  Keep scrolling to discover our curated, unique gift ideas and dazzle and surprise the people you love the most!


For the yogi

We’re yogis over here ourselves, so of course we had to pull together a few incredible gift bundles for the yogis and spiritual seekers among us.

Namaste Gift Set from WomanShopsWorld
The Namaste Gift Set

The Namaste gift bundle is my personal favorite. It includes:

  • Buddha meditation pillow from Nepal, filled with herbs to promote peace
  • Nepali prayer flag
  • Lavender + sage smudge stick
  • Resin Buddha statue
  • Nepali conch shell pendant
  • Pure jasmine oil 
  • Bodhi seed mala
  • Rolled chiffon scarf
  • Brown recycled rag paper journal

Om Gift Set from WomanShopsWorld
The Om Gift Set

The Om gift set is a great gift for all budgets. It includes:

  • Smudge kit (with sage, an abalone shell, a feather, sweet grass, cedar, and a charcoal tablet)
  • Titanium quartz cluster
  • Rudraksha prayer beads 


For the DIY junkie
DIY Pom Tassel Slides with WomanShopsWorld & The Neon Tea Party

Gift the DIY junkie in your life the items to make these Pom-Tassel Slides (or some other style of shoe!) along with the instructions in the blog. They’ll need:

  • A plain pair of espadrilles or other shoes that they can adorn.
  • Tassels and poms for embellishing — explore our huge selection here
  • Hot glue gun
  • Strong needle and thread
  • Scissors

Bonus idea: Get the supplies for yourself too, and turn the gift into a fun experience gift: a craft night together!

For the artist
Large Tinsel Tassel Caravan Swag from WomanShopsWorld

Gift them this sparkly caravan swag to adorn their studio space (even if that’s their garage or a corner of their bedroom!) and spark their creativity. These colorful, shimmery swags are made of long tinsel strands, and they’re perfect for spicing up your creative loved one’s space!

For the color lover
Living (color)Fully Gift Set from WomanShopsWorld

The Living Colorfully gift set is for the friend who’s as obsessed with living colorfully as we are. This unique gift set includes:

  • Stack of 5 woven recycled bracelets, handcrafted by women in Mali
  • 3/4 sleeve WomanShopsWorld baseball tee
  • Rainbow chakra gemstone + wood aromatherapy stretch bracelet
  • Tassel w/ pom-pom purse charm

Shop the Living Colorfully Gift Set here.


For the self-care obsessed
Nourish Gift Set from WomanShopsWorld

We all need some extra self-care, especially around the holidays. Give your loved ones this gift set dedicated to nourishing them from the inside out. It comes with:

  • Choice of body scrub, handcrafted in Nepal
  • Organic coffee body scrub
  • Yogi sandalwood honey & salt body scrub
  • Lavender + sage smudge stick with chrysoprase crystal
  • Selenite wand
  • Pure Lavender Oil
  • Sandalwood Soap 

Shop the Nourish gift set here

For the writer
Silk Journals from Nepal from WomanShopsWorld

Every writer needs something beautiful to write in! This recycled rag paper and sari silk journal from Nepal will inspire the writer in your life to create something magical. Shop the journal here.

For the nester
Embellish Gift Set from WomanShopsWorld

If you have a Cancer or Libra friend or family member in your life, get them this set to help them bring a colorful, positive pop to their home. The Embellish gift set comes with:

  • Big blue ombre tassel
  • Smudge kit: sage, abalone shell, feather, sweet grass, cedar, charcoal tablet
  • Sisal basket handcrafted by Rwandan women
  • Purple selenite wand 

Click here to purchase this set.

What gift will you be purchasing at Woman Shops World this holiday season? Comment below your favorites!


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