2 Rituals to Connect to Your Intuition

2 Rituals to Connect to Your Intuition

by Blog contributor Eryn Johnson

2 Rituals to Connect to Your Intuition by WomanShopsWorld

Connecting with your intuition really changes everything.

The world makes it really easy to constantly look outside of yourself for answers. But when you connect to your intuition, you’re connecting with you’re highest self. Your center. The part of you that already has all the answers.

And that’s evolving you towards your highest self.

Like everything else, it’s a process and a practice. But the more you flex your intuition muscle, the easier and easier it will get to connect with it.

Scroll down to get two rituals that will help you connect with your intuition. Try setting an intention on the next new moon to connect with your intuition, and do one (or both) of these rituals then.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

2 Rituals to Connect to Your Intuition by WomanShopsWorld

You’ll need:

Cleanse your space with your sage, setting the intention to clear our negative energy. Then find a comfortable seat with one crystal in each hand and take a few deep, cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. 

Rituals to Connect with your Intuition by WomanShopsWorld

When you feel grounded, lay down on your back and bring your amethyst to your third eye center and your labradorite to your heart space, right on your sternum.

Amethyst and labradorite are both beautiful crystals for opening your third eye chakra and facilitating self-discovery.

As you inhale, visualize the white light of your breath flowing to an indigo ball of light in your third eye center. As you exhale, visualize the little ball of light softening and growing bigger.

Breathe this way for a few minutes. When you feel connected, ask yourself, “what does my highest self want me to know right now?”

Continue to breathe into your third eye chakra and allow your inner wisdom to speak.

When you feel ready, sit up, grab your journal, and write down the messages that came through for you.

Ritual Bath

Ritual Bath for Connecting to Your Intuition by WomanShopsWorld

You’ll need:

  • Amethyst to open your third eye chakra
  • Rose quartz to open your heart space to receiving
  • Rosemary essential oil to open your third eye and increase clairvoyance
  • Lavender essential oil to relax you and assist in meditation
  • Frankincense essential oil to connect with your psychic power
  • Optional: Light purple and/or blue candles for soothing, healing, and wisdom.  I like this one from Arabella Crystals.
  • A journal

If you have other crystals or essential oils that you work with that you know help you connect with your intuition, feel free to add those to your bath as well. 

As you prepare your bath, sage your space and set an intention to connect with your intuition. Add your crystals and a few drops of each essential oil to your bath. Everyone’s preference is different, and you’ll know when you’ve added enough.

Additionally, you might also like to diffuse one or two of the oils above in the bathroom with you for extra plant power!

When your bath is ready, climb in and bring your palms to your belly. Breathe deeply into your stomach, filling your belly, lower lungs, and upper lungs with prana. With each exhale, sigh gently out of your mouth.

Take your time, and breathe. Begin to connect with the sensation of the water on your skin. What do you feel in this moment? What does the flow of water around you make you feel in your body, mind, and spirit?

When you’re ready, bring the mantra Ong namoh guru dev namoh into your mind. You can chant it out loud for a more powerful vibration, or hold it silently in your mind.

This powerful Kundalini mantra means, “I bow to the wisdom of the Universe. I bow to the teacher within.” It’s an invitation to listen to your own divinity, and the wisdom you have inside of you always.

After you chant for a few minutes, ask yourself, “What message does my intuition have for me right now?”

Return to your breath and allow the answers to come through.

When you feel complete, write down any messages that came through for you in your journal. Soak in your bath and take in its calming energy for as long as you’d like.

Which ritual are you most excited to try? Comment below and share, and tell us what other creative rituals you use to connect with your intuition!


About Eryn Johnson:

Eryn is a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and social media manager currently based in Philadelphia. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India where she became obsessed with mantra chanting, yoga philosophy, and chai tea. When she’s not doing yoga, she’s planning her next trip, hosting the Living Open podcast, or eating Thai food. Follow along with her adventures on Instagram at @erynj_ and at www.livingopenshow.com

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